Saturday, January 30, 2016

Change and Conquer

Characteristics, mannerisms, attitudes, temperaments, and perspectives are usually developed early in life through the influence of parents, teachers, and siblings. Sometimes a person develops character flaws but they don’t realize there is anything wrong because they have never known or learned otherwise. To make a change, one must be objective enough to honestly search, find, and then admit there is a need to change. 

Some common problems to search for and that can be conquered are fear, worry, negativity, jealousy, bitterness, hatred, lack of self-control, anger, and there are more. Life gets so much better with each overcoming step.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Feel the Real

A little thought on real versus fake.  In my earlier years, I worked in banking and daily handled large sums of money.  There was a time I could count money so fast, the bills seemed a blur as I flipped them through my fingers.  It was an interesting job – meeting people, giving good customer service, learning how to recognize crooks, and I even survived a couple of robberies.  Prior to the bank opening in the mornings, a few of us would count deposits from the night drop vault.  We would gather around a long, table and chat as we hurriedly counted bundles of bills.  One morning, I was talking with the other girls, not really looking closely at the money, yet I suddenly stopped counting.  I flipped the bills the opposite direction, stopped again, and pulled a bill out of the strap.  It didn’t “feel” right.  Upon closer inspection, I recognized it was a counterfeit. 

Here’s the thought I want to share with you:  when you are daily around the real, you learn exactly what real feels like.  I don’t need to be around fake to recognize fake.  Knowing the real has taught me. Beyond currency, I can feel the difference between leather and pleather/vinyl or the difference between cotton and poly.  From a distance they may look the same but up close, the difference is obvious.  In addition, counterfeit doesn’t last.  You may ask why are there so many fakes?  That answer is simple.  It is people who want the real, like the real but, don’t want to pay the price for the real.  There are markets that are full of copycat items but the quality is not there.  Girls, the handles on that fake Louis Vuitton purse from the market will soon expose the truth but, the real leather Louis Vuitton purse handles seem to form to your hand better with each time you carry it.  The leather softens to fit your touch. 

Quality costs but quality lasts.  You want the best for your spirit?  Get the real; you can feel it.  Not some cheap, imitation but, feel the real deal.  It only takes one touch of the Master's hand.