Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enough Is Enough

An 87 year old auto worker who came to America 55 years ago, is fighting deportation. Supposedly, the information given on his initial applications in 1952 was not correct. He received citizenship in 1958 and it was revoked in 1981, restored in 1998 and revoked again in 2002. The government initially claimed he was the notoriously sadistic guard at the Treblinka camp known as "Ivan the Terrible." He was extradited to Israel in 1986 and was under a death sentence, until Israel's Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that he was not the same man as the guard known as Ivan. He then returned home to America and his citizenship was restored, again. You may click on the below link for the entire article.
My question is this - when is enough, enough? This average American does not have a criminal record, has a family he loves, and even after spending seven years in Israel and Israel clearing him, returned to America believing he was home. Now at 87 years of age, someone is again trying to accuse him, this time of being another guard. Who has it in for this man? We have thousands crossing our borders who make no attempt to apply for entrance to America. This is seemingly ignored while thousands of dollars and hours are being spent on a man who tried to do it right and has been tormented for over 30 years by a vacillating government. I say let the 87 year old finish his final years in peace.

Monday, November 26, 2007

May I Introduce Harry?

His name is Harry and, as you can see, is quite a character. He is a traveling evangelist traversing over land and sea with stories bigger than Dallas. He frequently is half of the duo, Harry and Larry. Their songs are popular, and very entertaining. Aiding his sermons, is Karry. Now when Harry and Karry get together, the stories become even bigger and often Harry gets emotional telling his tall tales. Thankfully, Karry jumps in and corrects all his misconceptions. The above pictures were snapped when Harry and Karry spoke at that same KIDZ rally you heard Blake speak in Visalia. The kids love Harry and his many ridiculous costumes. Sometimes it is hard to believe Harry has another life as Bryce, that good looking, bass singer in the WAY Quartet.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What A Weekend!

What a weekend! WAY Quartet arrived Friday for their final practice before their recording. They rehearsed 12 hours Friday and 14 hours Saturday. These guys are really committed to their project! WAY Choir director, Ken Fitzpatrick, spent these long hours with the boys helping fine tune their parts. This morning, the quartet gave an hour long concert for our morning service and it was fabulous. They sang some of their original songs with only the grand piano for accompaniment and it was so beautiful. Simply put, it was so great that I now believe when the orchestrations are added, it will be an over-the-top project. About 10:30 Saturday night, they felt the presence of God strongly in their rehearsal. Right then and there, they all four stopped and wrote new verses for "Jesus Loves Me." Each one is heart-felt and it will become the bonus track on their CD.
P.S. The pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Even famous people relax and act silly sometimes. LOL Chloe Watts, WAY Quartet, and Karen Harding all sang for a service. The quartet sang back-up for Karen on her song "Graceland." It was a highlight moment for the boys.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Have A Nice Day With Jesus

Thanksgiving day began with an 8 a.m. church service. This is a very special service where we have communion and old-fashion footwashing. It is a tradition that many churches have eliminated. Personally it is not my favorite thing to do, but I feel God honors my willingness to be a servant to another saint and keeps me humble. The service began with a beautiful time of praise and worship lead by Bryce. This was followed by a special testimony and song by Sis. Myrtle. She is one of my favorite soul singers and has been a "pillar" of our church about 50 years. This past year, we prayed many prayers for God to protect her son while he was in Irag. He is a career navy man and made it home safe but not without injury. He had back surgery about three weeks ago and is still in need of healing. It was particularly special to have him with us today. I'm sure he enjoyed his mother singing, "All The Way." Her song was followed by offering, Bryce singing "Keeper," my husband giving a wonderful Thanksgiving message, communion, and, finally, footwashing. After everyone returned to the auditorium, we sang another song as everyone hugged and gave wishes of a happy Thanksgiving before leaving. The family of God is so wonderful. I want to share our traditional departure song which I believe was written by Lanny Wolfe.

Have a nice day with Jesus, Have a nice day,
Have a nice day with Jesus, Have a nice day,
You may wish the sun would shine a little bit brighter,
But when you have the Lord, He'll make your load a lot lighter,
Have a nice day with Jesus, Have a nice day.

After service, we went to my mom's where we ate too much, left to take a nap, returned about 8 p.m. for seconds, played a game of Scrabble (I won!) and now it is time to drift into dreamland.
I hope your day was as wonderful as mine.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

My friend Mark sent us a text message and
I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with you.
Enter into the kitchen with Thanksgiving,
and the recliner with ease.
Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lttle Things - Big Things

Enjoy the little things in life,
for one day you'll look back and realize,
they were the big things.
Have a wonderful week of Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today, she is 82 years old. In a little while, we will pick her up and take her to dinner to celebrate her birthday. Yes, she does look good for her age. The above picture of her and Bryce, was taken six months ago on Mother's Day. In a nutshell, she is a shopaholic, classy, loves style, fiercely independent, a critic (don't take that wrong - she was my critic that helped me sing my best), loves to laugh, defends the underdog, great cook, a closet junkie but thinks she never eats sweets (there are always candy bars hidden somewhere), ornery, whispers LOUD, loves God, the best altar worker I know, a mother to two girls (I am the much younger sister LOL), grandma to five, and great-grandma to three. She denies bragging about her age, but loves to repeat all the stories of people who tell her she looks soooooo good. She is my mother and I love her.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

This has been a very busy weekend! WAY Quartet sang at MoMENtum, a men's conference for the western U.S. in Tulare, California, and gave an awesome performance for the grand finale Saturday morning. After a quick lunch, they rehearsed a couple hours and headed to Hanford, California to Jubilation, a youth concert. Bryce was a featured artist and also WAY Quartet. We just arrived back to Delano at midnight and dropped the boys at the Holiday Inn. They have about four hours to sleep and shower and then, Brian will pick them up to drive to San Diego, California where they have a performance Sunday morning. Lawrence and Tyler will catch a flight from San Diego to Sacramento so Tyler can get back to lead praise at his Sunday evening service in Citrus Heights. Lawrence will then drive to the tip of California to be at work Monday morning. Brian and Bryce will leave San Diego and drive to The Pentecostals of Orange County in Tustin, California where Brian will speak for their evening service. Do you feel tired just reading this?!?!? LOL Me? I chose to keep Bryn and Blake home for their Sunday School classes. I think I might just get a Sunday afternoon nap for the first time in a long time. :) There are some thoughts running through my tired brain, but they will have to wait til Monday. Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


They may see the good you do as self serving.
Continue to do good.

They may see your generosity as grandstanding.
Continue to be generous.

They may see your warm and caring nature as a weakness.
Continue to be warm and caring.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.
It never was between you and them anyway.
- unknown

Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night my husband attended our district men's conference in Tulare and Bill Davis, who is from Georgia, was the evening speaker. He told the men that it started raining, hasn't stopped, and was raining when he boarded the plane to fly to California. Awesome, God!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The rain fell. Thank you, Lord.
edit-11:11 a.m.
The Associated Press did, in fact, report rain and gave Governor Perdue's modest response. We know that God answered prayer and are continuing to pray for more rain in Georgia.

ATLANTA (AP) - A storm crashed through the Southeast and brought up to an inch of rain in parts of drought-stricken Georgia, but forecasters said the storm likely did little to ease the state's historic drought.The rain late Wednesday and early Thursday brought some precipitation to the parched hills of northern Georgia. The showers began a day after Gov. Sonny Perdue led a prayer service on the steps of the state Capitol to beg the heavens to end the drought."Certainly, we're not gloating about it," Perdue said from a trade mission in Canada. "We're thankful for the rain and hopefully it's the beginning of more. ... Frankly, it's great affirmation of what we asked for."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Power In Prayer

Yesterday, many people prayed for rain in Georgia and, since my faith is expecting rain to fall, I thought I would check the weather in Atlanta. Below is the report for tonight. Do you think God is answering prayer?

Low: 52 Showers and thunderstorms likely in the evening...then occasional showers after midnight. Lows in the lower 50s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Praying for Rain

Too often good news is left out of our daily feed from the media and I was actually surprised the article below made it to mainstream news without a negative twist. Regardless of your religious position, I believe Governor Perdue should have the right to pray. That is truly allowing "freedom of religion." If you do not believe in prayer, no one will force you to join this time of prayer. Your freedom to choose not to pray is the same freedom that allows me to pray. Personally, I feel prayer is powerful and should not be stifled. It would make me feel very happy to know the windows of heaven opened and poured rain onto Georgia today. Maybe I will even start singing, "Rain on us, Holy Spirit, rain on us..."


(AP) Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue speaks to reporters at the Interior Department in Washington.
ATLANTA (AP) The governor will host a prayer service next week to ask for relief from the drought gripping the Southeast. "The only solution is rain, and the only place we get that is from a higher power," Perdue spokesman Bert Brantley said on Wednesday. Perdue's office has sent out invitations to leaders from several faiths for the service, set for Tuesday. Perdue has several times mentioned the need for prayer - along with water conservation - as the state's drought crisis has worsened. Over the summer, he participated in day of prayer for agriculture at a gathering of the Georgia Farm Bureau in Macon, Ga. Perdue, a Baptist, has enjoyed strong support from Georgia's Christian conservatives. The Southeast has been suffering from an intense drought in recent months that has threatened supplies of drinking water. Georgia has been locked in a battle with Alabama and Florida over how much water should be sent downstream from the state's dwindling reservoirs. Governors from the three states reached a temporary agreement after meeting with Bush administration officials in Washington. The prayer service will be held outside the state Capitol on Tuesday. Unless, of course, it rains.
"Then we'll move it inside, thankfully," Brantley said.

Too Busy to Post

This past week-end was busy, hectic, and nerve-wracking. Friday, we took Bryce to Sacramento to be there for an early Saturday morning practice. The WAY Quartet spent the day rehearsing and sang that evening in Citrus Heights for their missions conference. We traveled back home Saturday night and arrived home close to 2 a.m. Following our Sunday morning service, we took our kids to Disney On Ice then returned home for our evening service. The service was one of those extra special times and our spirits were strengthened. Monday morning, Bryce was scheduled to return to Sacramento for another rehearsal. Although we were all exhausted, we got up at 4:30 a.m. and sleepily took off. Bryce spent several hours practicing and we then drove to San Francisco to see our very dear friends, the Bishops, and give them our love. Their 24 year old daughter, Bethani, had acute liver failure and had transplant surgery yesterday. We arrived back home shortly before 3 a.m. and we began this day at 7:30 a.m. Please join us in prayer as we continue to pray for Bethani and her recovery. A blog has been started to keep everyone informed of her progress. Drop by and leave an encouraging word. We have been privileged to travel with Bethani on Youth On Missions and Brian and I sang at Bethani's wedding a few years ago. She is a darling wife and now mother to seven month old Wyatt. We consider her family to be close friends and are praying for their strength.

Hopefully, I will get back on my posting track soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally, The Award

A few months ago I wrote about my childhood Sunday School teacher, Jane Johnson, and how she had received a letter stating she was chosen teacher of the year for the Western Region. Well, it took us a while, but we finally pulled off a great surprise service in which she was honored. Although the award was given for this year, she has been teaching at our church for 50 years. Hey, she is not only a great teacher, but she is a classy lady, too. The recently retired district education director, Stephen Allard, brought the award (a beautiful crystal apple on a pedestal that had her name engraved on it and "Teacher of the Year") and presented it to her. We also had a young man, Monte Albalos, who was one of her students during the 70's. He gave a beautiful speech in which he told his life story of being a foster child and how much Sis. Jane influenced his life. He now works with The Lollar Foundation and they have established a "Jane Johnson Birthday Day" that provides birthday parties to underprivileged children each month. These children are selected by school teachers. This young man was inspired to do this because Jane always remembered his birthday and baked him a cake when he was a child. He presented her with roses and also awarded her with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from congressman Jim Costa, certificate of recognition from Senator Dean Flores, and another from the California Legislature Assembly signed by assembly woman, Nicole Parra. The church added a beautiful scrapbook that contained numerous letters of appreciation and pictures from small children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. This was all topped off with a $200 gift card to her favorite specialty store, Olcotts. Jane has influenced thousands of people and is such an inspiration to many. Following the service, there was a reception and Jane insisted on serving the cake and greeting each person. What a woman! Words are not sufficient to describe how much she has impacted my life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Perfect Attendance

Bryn, and Blake too, came home from school showing off certificates of Perfect Attendance for the first quarter of the school year. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Bryn rushed into her room, quickly changed into a skirt she just received for her birthday and announced I needed to take her picture. She then ran up a few stairs and struck a pose. After I snapped the picture, she hurried into the living room and sat in a chair for a "different" pose. Oh, my! She is hilarious, but so much fun!

Monday, November 5, 2007

What's Your Flavor?

A couple weekends ago, my husband performed a wedding ceremony for a young couple and we had to leave before the wedding cake was cut and served. Just before we left, I snapped a picture of the cake and my mind started whirling as I wondered if every layer was a different flavor, did the layers have fillings, and if so what kind. Have any of you been to weddings in the last few years and had "wedding cake" as in white cake? Everyone seems to want specialty flavors and fillings. Do you ever miss white wedding cake? The top picture is my wedding cake in 1979 and it was white decorated with fresh flowers. The second picture is the cake at the wedding I recently attended. I will have to admit that some of the specialty flavors and fillings are quite delicious, but there is just something special about white wedding cake. A thing of the past and something I miss.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thank God and GPS

About five this morning, Bryce was leaving to drive to the bay area and I had a huge wave of fear and nervousness come over me as he walked out the door to his car. Although the sky was clear, I had been apprehensive the night before because we have had some foggy weather. (If you are not familiar with the central valley fog in California, let me assure you it is one of the most dangerous seasons.) I expressed my nervous feelings to my husband and he said, "Well, let's pray." We begin to pray and after a while we decided to return to bed and catch another hour or two of sleep. Later, we traveled south to take care of some errands and we got the news that there had been an enormous wreck on the 99 north of our town near Fresno with over 100 vehicles involved, dozens injured, and a few fatalities all due to the fog. (story here: One of the main thoroughfares in California was now closed and looked like a littered junk yard. Here's what I am really trying to say - the last time Bryce traveled to the bay area we gave him directions that took him north of Fresno on the 99 and crossed through Highway 152 to get to Interstate 5. Since that last trip, we bought Bryce a GPS for his car. The GPS unit instructed Bryce to take Highway 198 which is about 30 miles south of Fresno. Therefore, he took off the 99 before reaching the huge wreck that he most likely would have been involved. When I realized this must have been why I felt so nervous, I quickly said, "Thank you, Lord, for directing him out of the path of danger." And thank you GPS for choosing the alternate route.
P.S. Another friend has joined the blogging world. Check out her page at

Thursday, November 1, 2007

WAY Quartet

A couple weeks ago, WAY Quartet sang at Section 11 Prayer and Bible Conference in Citrus Heights, California. They decided to try out an accapella version of "Jesus Loves Me." They asked Brian to record them so they could hear their mistakes to help make corrections. The song still needs some polishing on a few spots, but I thought you would enjoy it anyway. Hopefully, they won't be too upset with me for posting this video. :)