Thursday, May 24, 2007

A - Z

Ronda tagged me and I am not sure if I will keep this going - - -but here's my take.

“A to Z Meme”
A - Available or Single? Single? Can't even remember those days!

B - Best Friend - Do I have to pick? Brian first, then...Debbie, Charla, Karry,.........
C- Cake or Pie. Not fair! I want both.
D- Drink of Choice. Water
E- Essential Item. Debit Card.
F- Favorite Color.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms. YUCK! Neither!
H- Hometown. Delano, CA
I- Indulgence. If I can't have Belgian chocolate, than I will take Godiva
white chocolate with hazelnut
J- January or February. Definitely February. January is the stressful, tax junk month and close the year - hate it!
K- Kids. 3 gorgeous children.

L- Life is incomplete without… God
M- Marriage Date. September 14
N- Number of Siblings?
One much older sister! :)
O- Oranges or Apples? Choose again! I want both and a banana, too!
P- Phobias/Fears. I thought I had overcame them all, but I sure do hate mice, spiders, lizards,...

Q- Favorite Quote. "Pain is inevitable, misery is optional."
R- Reasons to smile. You stated this plural and there just isn't enough space to tell it all, but God, my husband and kids give me plenty of smiles. In fact, I love the song called "Smile."

S- Season(ing).Season - Can't cook without garlic and I love spring.
T- Tag Three. Do I have to?

U- Unknown Fact About Me. Can't tell you because then it would be known.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals. Not totally vegetarian, but I am somewhat lenient with the cows and pigs never have to worry.
W- Worst Habit.
Judging people upon first impression.
X- X-rays or Ultrasounds.
Oh, please! There can't be anyone who would like either of these!
Y - Your favorite food. How about restaurant? Benihana and P.F. Chang's. My husband has figured out how to make all the things I love at Benihana including their ginger sauce. AWESOME!
Z- Zodiac.
What!?! I don't play with the devil.


  1. Hi Jana,
    Let the praises be
    That you didn't tag ME!

  2. Hi, Helen.
    Can it be true,
    that would make you very blue?

  3. Thanks for playing along.

  4. Ronda - No prob...but all good things come to an end somewhere. Guess I am the deadbeat that stopped on this end. LOL

  5. Jana,

    I'm so glad to find out that we stand united on our hatred of gummi worms and gummi bears. I wonder who invented those gross "confections". LOL

  6. Carol - LOL And I also hate bad spelling, but wouldn't put that down for fear I would spell something wrong. LOL I particularly hate it when we receive fliers in the mail and they have mistakes. We need more proofreaders.

  7. Well sis I sent it to about ten different people, so I am sure they where not happy with me because I never forward those kind of things. Just liked that one. I hope you don't hate me because I am the worse speller and since there is no spell check on your blog I am to lazy to look up the word. Hey maybe a good idea do you think you can get a spell checker on here? LOL, LOL. I guess I said it all to LAZY. So how are you and the family doing & when do you think you will be able to go home. I am sure the plans change daily. Love You

  8. We received a flyer in the mail a couple of years ago that really had us rolling. It was from a local accounting firm that was soliciting business. Because we live in an area where there are a lot of Hispanic people, they wanted to assure us that they had Spanish interpreters that could help us if needed. Only in their ad they said, "We have Spanish interrupters." It made me laugh to think of Spanish people trying to interrupt us every time we talked!

  9. Hi, Beka - thanks for dropping by. Things are about the same. We are going to be living in hotel for awhile. Don't worry about your spelling. I know alot of people take shortcuts when they are blogging. Spellcheck on blog comments would be nice, huh?

  10. Carol - that is funny!!! Our area is majority Hispanic and many people struggle verbally. One time we saw a soda machine that was out of order and someone had written on the sign, "El machine no el worky." We have laughed about that for years, too. It had to be written by an "interrupter." LOL