Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update on Keith & Introducing Michael, freeWAY's Lead Vocalist

Keith in hospital with doctor and nurse
Keith and Brian
Looking good!

Since the wreck in January, freeWAY refrained from any engagements to ensure complete healing for Keith, freeWAY's tenor vocalist. This weekend, they were once again singing. Last night, they sang in Dinuba, California at a Youth event. This morning they will do an entire concert in Goshen, California and another concert tonight in Hanford, California. They are currently working on new repertoire for their upcoming recording and doing a fantastic job.

Also, I would like to introduce you to the new lead vocal, Michael Bierderman. Michael joined freeWAY in January with a great start singing nightly at Winter Camp Meeting in San Diego. Michael is a very sweet young man who is tender towards God and has the anointing of God upon him. I love to watch him minister through song because he is so passionate about the message he brings. He just graduated this past Wednesday and is now a respiratory therapist.

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  1. How wonderful that Keith has made a full recovery. My best to all the mebers of freeWAY.

    Jana, I have been so busy getting on Facebook and now planning for our trip to Missouri. My blog has suffered, but I can't do everything. I told Bill last night, we are too tired to go on vacation. But Oh, how we ned one. Keep us in your prayers, concerning living through the little things.