Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Brian

Occasionally you cry Most of the time you are pleasant
Nearly all the time you are fun
You fell in love
Your family is top priority
Your heart was stolen by a princess
You willingly share for others benefit
You are the man I love.
Happy 50th Birthday, Brian.
So much to say and yet, where do I start.
My first crush on you was in 1972.
I knew you were "the one" in 1975.
"Inseparable" in 1979.
You became "daddy" in 1986.
Not just any dad but, the best.
Bottles, diapers, you could handle anything.
Proud daddy to the 2nd son in 1997.
Finally, your princess arrived in 2001.
You seem content to be my shadow but, what people don't know,
you are the wind beneath my wings.
You are a great pastor, mentor, friend.
You are the most unselfish person I know and you deserve the best.
My heart belongs to you,


  1. What a beautiful tribute!! Happy 50th Birthday, Brian. We love you all!!! Mike and Pat Smart

  2. What a wonderful tribute (it's inspiring in this day and age to see and feel the love shared between you two). Your 5-0 hubby is an amazing person and man of God. We Hoppers love him dearly, and wish him Happy Birthday and blessings always. (and we love the whole family too). May the Allard B-Day celebration begin!!!

  3. Pastor, I agree with Sis. Allard and I HAVE to echo her words in that: "You are a great pastor, mentor, & friend. You are the most unselfish person I know and you do deserve the best." Happy 50th Birthday Pastor!

    Luv & Appreciate Ya! Your Favorite Aint! Uhhh, I mean Saint :) Jolene

  4. Sweetheart--thank you for such lovely words! I love being daddy and husband! I love you and thank you for the birthday wish.

  5. Happy Birthday Pastor Allard, I love you, Cheri

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday, Bro Allard!!!! I hope you had a really great one; you deserve it!
    I'll never forget the impact that YOM and you had on my life. It is some of the best memories, and I have made life-long lasting friendships from those trips...all your sacrifice was worth it, trust me. (Even though every year you said, "This is the LAST year! hahahahaha!)
    Love you guys both SOOOOOO much and your family!!
    Hope God blesses you richly this year and may you live young forever! =D

    Janell Stimers Coskun

  7. Aw, sweet post!! Happy belated Birthday to Bro. Allard!