Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Teenager

Time to open gifts. ~~smile~~
After-shave & cologne?!?!?
A razor!!!
Making a wish.
He's a happy teen.
Each birthday of Blake's, has been celebrated at home and I cooked his favorite meal. That "favorite" meal was always spaghetti until last year when he requested mom's homemade burritos. Then, this year, he decided he wanted to celebrate at "Famous Dave's Barbeque." So, to barbeque we went. Grandpa and Grandma Allard bought him an electric razor. If only you could have seen the look on Blake's face when he opened that gift! We all had a great laugh. Blake has been telling us he will soon need to shave because he is getting "fuzz" on his face. Even so, I think the razor was a big surprise. His face was half excited and half embarrassed. LOL Adding to the celebration was having "Papa" and "Grandma" White here from Arizona. After my dad passed away, Blake told my dad's best friend, Sam White, he would have to take his grandpa's place. The White's are special people to our family. Once again, I have a teenager in my house. He is my sweetheart and I'm glad he had a great birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday to Blake! Teenagers can certainly make life interesting. Hope Blake enjoys being 13.

  2. Carol - Yes, teens do make life interesting. Bryce is almost 24 so we haven't had a "teen" for awhile. Now we start another ride. LOL Thanks for the nice wishes to Blake.

  3. Good times ahead for Blake...going to keep mom and dad young in spirit. Love teens!!!

  4. Love the pics of Blake. You can see that teenage look in the first two, then the third pic, you can still see the boy. Happy Birthday! I also enjoyed seeing the Whites at the SoCal Ladies Conference. It was such an honor to have them there.

  5. Happy birthday (shaved today man tommorow) LOL! I just love birthdays! It so great I was there!We ate @ Famous daves witch was great.I would have hoped more people would come. It was fun.Blake and the rest hade fun.I knew it would be a great.Lov the pics. Sdo i guess we got thed write cake.His favorite sport is soccer so we got him the write cake.We awte so much we hade stomachackes so we stoped eating.Once again Happy Birthday Blake u r a awesome brother.