Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Back

After having computer trouble and finally purchasing a new one, I am finally back to visit my blog friends but, frankly, I am disgusted today. I just read Archie Comics is introducing a gay character. My kids have read Archie Comics for years and own hundreds of copies. They keep stacks in their restrooms. LOL Our journey with Archie Comics is now coming to an end. The gay agenda should not be forced upon children. I find this to be quite disturbing. The article giving this news can be found at:

I have already lodged my complaint at

Goodbye, Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. It was nice meeting you.


  1. Are you serious? That's horrible!!!


  3. Jana, Did you know if you go to the link you listed and roll over the ad, you can print coupons for a McCafe Frappe with any food purchase?

    What you call "a gay agenda" is honest everyday living for 11% of the human population. They just want what everyone wants: acceptance and love.

  4. Naomi - yes.

    Helen - I did see the coupon. Pretty cool, huh? Concerning the gay agenda - Helen, I have very dear friends who have chosen the homosexual lifestyle. I love them and they know I love them but it is not a lifestyle that should be promoted in cartoons or other childrens literature. I can love these people and agree to disagree that their lifestyle is not normal behavior. Just because they are honest does not make their sexual lifestyle right. I do not have to accept the gay lifestyle even though I can accept them as a human being. How can I reconcile what God calls an abomination? God was not wrong.

    As an example, I have a very dear friend who has a gay son. I was at the hospital when he was born. That boy knows I love him and we never see each other without giving each other hugs. He knows I pray for him, he knows if he were in an emergency I would be there and he also knows that I do not approve of his lifestyle. I can accept and love him without accepting his choice of abnormal sexual behavior.

  5. Redonia regrets the choice of Archie. It is something she grew up enjoying yet is frustrated with the changes. She will not feel comfortable with her children reading the new Archie. Political correctness isn't always correct!

  6. Tracie - I'm with Redonia on this one.