Monday, June 7, 2010

Roles of Coaching

Coaching roles vary, but typical work activities are likely to include:

Performance Management:

 evaluate performance and provide suitable feedback
 balance criticism with positive and motivating comments
 assess strengths and weaknesses in one’s performance and identify areas for further development
 communicate instructions and commands using clear, simple language
 demonstrate an activity by breaking the task down into a sequence
 encourage one to gain and develop skills, knowledge and techniques
 ensure that one trains and performs to a high standard
 inspire confidence
 act as a role model, gain the respect and trust of the people you work with
 work to a high ethical standard at all times


  1. Almost sounds / looks like Pastoring to me?

    Tell Bro. Allard to keep on COATCHING.


  2. To the anonymous poster who wants to get under my skin:

    Apparently, I am more successful than you realize because you keep returning to my blog to learn more. Be encouraged. You will at some point mature and get beyond anonymity.