Saturday, December 30, 2006

All God's Creatures, Great and Small

This week-end we were graced with the presence of Veronica and Bella. Please let me introduce them. Veronica is Bryce's girlfriend and Bella is an eight-week-old Lhasa Apso that my son gave Veronica for Christmas. Of course, my younger children vied for Bella's attention. I must admit, this little creature has stolen all our hearts. She probably does not quite weigh a pound. The picture at left is of her peeking out of the pocket of my son's robe, and the picture above is a cell phone snapshot of Bryce and Veronica. As I watched Bella play with the children, I could not help but wonder what God was thinking when he created these little dogs. It is so amazing to watch Bella as she tilts her head to the side with big questions in her eyes and the next minute watch as she pounces on a toy. When we left the house to attend a youth rally, Bella's eyes looked so sad and she cried because we were leaving her. Not only did God create so many beautiful creatures, but he gave them feelings and emotions. As scripture tells us, He sees every time a sparrow falls. Obviously, God is emotional and therefore created things with emotion. Think about this - He said if we didn't praise Him (that does require emotion), He would have the rocks cry out. A rock being emotional?!?!? I am so thankful that God gave us such great feelings. There is nothing that compares to the hugs of my children, the embrace of my husband, or the joy I feel to return the same. Now all God's creatures, great and small, let's return some grateful emotions to Him.

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