Friday, March 26, 2010

Living From Drama to Drama (~~roll eyes~~ LOL)

One friend put it to me this way, "If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all." Well, it might seem that way but I would rather look at it this way - what the devil meant for bad the Lord made it good.

As you know, if you keep up with my blog, I recently had a miraculous healing after dealing with an issue for over a year. Looking back, I believe God gave me this healing at the time he did to increase our faith for another ordeal. In January, my husband went to the doctor for his annual physical. The doctor thought my husband's pulse in his right carotid artery was weak so he sent him for testing to determine if there was a blockage. The test came back perfect but revealed there was something on the thyroid. Further testing determined he had a large mass on the right lobe of his thyroid and he was immediately referred to a surgeon. The surgeon estimated the mass to be about the size of a golf ball and scheduled surgery to remove it and one underarm lymph node. (We had also discovered a lump under my husband's arm.) Of course, the dreaded "C" word was brought up but we put our trust in God. Last Tuesday, my husband was the first one wheeled into surgery and all went well. The doctor said the mass was larger than he anticipated but he believed it to be benign. This was confirmed today by the pathology report. My husband has had some intense pain but is now on the road to recovery and so grateful there was no malignancy found in the lymph node and mass on the thryoid.

To God be all glory forever!!!


  1. Praise God! Rejoicing with you in this good report. :-)

  2. Sis A, thank you for sharing, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. I am so happy for you all, and yes it does build MY faith, to hear how GOD is healing you all. Luv you so very much. Cheri

  3. We are so thrilled to hear that the Glory of our God has touched our friends.

    May His face shine upon you;


  4. Praise God!

    I was wondering if your husband had his whole Thyroid taken out? I had Thyroid Cancer and when you no longer have a thyroid trying to get your medication (thyroid replacement hormon meds) and levels correct and be a pain!!! 2 years later and they are still working on getting it right!!! So if you have any questions feel free to ask!!!