Monday, March 1, 2010

Miracles Still Happen

Some of you may remember my posts about the ordeal I was going through with my foot/ankle and the pictures of the brace I wore last summer. Here is the whole story - condensed version.

About 17 months ago, a frozen bottle of water fell out of my fridge and landed on the top of my foot. My foot swelled, was quite painful but, I ignored it and tried to keep going not realizing I had blown out one of two tendons in the foot. The end result was I caused further damage. After being examined by seven doctors (including specialists at UCLA), numerous x-rays, MRI's, wearing a brace for months and such, I was weary and agreed to surgery. The surgeon was going to break my ankle, put cadaver bone in it to realign it, transplant a tendon to the top of my foot, realign the toes, and stretch the tendon in the back of my calf. Following surgery, I would not be allowed to let the foot touch the ground for two months, then I would be in a boot for five months, and was told recovery was a minimum of a year.

I never doubted that God could heal me and I have experienced many miracles in my lifetime but, I must admit, my faith was being shaken. There have been so many prayers prayed and I was at a point where I thought, "Maybe this is just my thorn in the flesh and I must endure." Even so, I wanted to hold onto faith. I told God if He wasn't going to heal me "today" would He please give me a miracle before the scheduled surgery on March 16. On Saturday, we went to the district singles conference in Visalia, California. At the end of the service, Sis. Karen Harding (pictured above) literally climbed over people to get to me and she began to pray for my healing. Shortly after, Bro. Stoneking, Bro. James Dunlap and several others prayed for me. Afterwards, my foot and ankle felt like fire was moving through it. I turned to my husband and told him my foot was on fire. He began to cry and said, "Honey, I told God when He healed you to make your foot, ankle and leg feel a heat to let you know you were being healed."

For the first time in over a year, I stood Saturday night with both knees side by side and both feet together. My foot that was turned out is now straight. When I got home, I stood in my dressing room and cried as my husband watched my foot flex and we could see TWO tendons. Sunday morning, he watched as I walked down the stairs of our house and my foot was perfectly straight. I am walking straight and pain-free.

This morning I had an appointment with the doctor. I told the office staff, "I don't know if you believe in divine healing but I have received a miracle and do not need surgery." They were speechless but had huge smiles on their faces. One of the girls went to the cash drawer and brought my check back to me and said there was no need to pay anything. I told her I didn't mind paying since I wasn't able to cancel the appointment within their required time but she said, "No, I am so happy for you and I think it is ok to give your check back to you." I am overwhelmed. God is more than amazing.

P.S. The wheelchair is now going to storage.


  1. Glad to hear, I know the last year has been very hard on you.

  2. Mervi - Yes, indeed!

    Weston - I am so excited that I won't be a "cripple" on WAY Choir Tour. LOL

    Andrea - you are right about this past year. Brian and I both said we stayed up on New Year's Eve not to welcome 2010 but to make sure 2009 was gone. LOL I am still overwhelmed knowing God has shown me favor.

  3. Sis. Allard,

    God is SO good! I'm so happy for you! It's awesome to know that Jesus still does miracles and still answers prayer! Your story has boosted my faith! Glad your foot is pain free! =)

  4. Sis Allard, That is sooo AWESOME!! We serve a faithful God. I'm so happy for you.

  5. Jana,

    I am thrilled to hear about your healing!I praise God for this awesome report. God is so good, and I'm so glad that you don't have to have that surgery. I'm sure God is going to use your testimony to build faith in others. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. God is still in the miracle business! Not only did he answer your prayer but everyone else who prayed for you. God showed his awesome power to all involved. Isn't He Wonderful wonderful wonderful Isn't Jesus our Lord wonderful ....

    Praising God with you.
    Linda Sawhill

  7. Amazingly wonderful is God the Almighty!

  8. Hallejah!!! Glory to God!!! He is a Healer!!! So happy for you Jana.

  9. Wonderful news!!! Jesus Never Fails!!!
    Love you!

    Pat S.

  10. Thank you for posting your miracle! Our God is an Awesome God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! I have to remind myself often that it is my faith, not God, that is limiting my miracles! God is limitless. If we limit God, we limit ourselves! Carolyn A

  11. He is an on-time God. Great news and what a testimony of encouragment for others. God is good All the time. PTL