Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Camp Time

Summer is always hectic for us and quite busy with various church activities but camp time is the favored time. We took our RV to the camp on Friday and got it all set up then returned home Saturday to attend our weekend services. Sunday morning, "Grandpa" Sam White will be speaking for us. He may not have many to speak to but those who do come will enjoy it. We have many kids attending Jr. Camp this year and they will all leave early this morning before church to make the trip to camp. The parents enjoy taking their kids to camp because they can enjoy the California Central Coast on their way home. The weather at the coast was in the 50's when we left to come back to the San Joaquin Valley where the temps have been over 100 for several days. Brian and his crew will be setting up the Camp Meeting tent during this week while Jr. Camp is going on. The second week, people from all over the state will come to Camp Meeting. After Camp Meeting, Sr. Camp takes place. Camp, camp, and more camp. I love it! My kids love it! Pictures coming soon.


  1. Oh yes, camp meeting cometh! We are looking forward to being there Friday. We will be looking forward to see you and your family and “the brace” along with your mother and father in law. Please tell them all, for us. Please be careful as the put the camp meeting tent up!

  2. Oh Jana, you are a girl on the go. Been praying for you recently and I know God hears and will answer. I am not going to make it to camp meeting this year but if you can and if it's not asking too much, can you blog about the services as much as possibe so I can kinda get the feeling of the atmosphere. I so enjoyed meeting you last year at camp and wish I could be there this year, but it's not possible.

    Linda Sawhill