Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend In Review

Patriotic girls: Devanae, Daria, Kaitlyn, & Bryn
free to be silly ~~SMILE~~
Brian and saxophonist Luis Lenzi

Independence Day, Independence weekend. Let me tell you about it. Saturday was a very hot day in the San Joaquin Valley with temperatures over 100 but, as expected, the evening was beautiful and breezy. We went to the church park at sundown loaded with fireworks and an ice chest full of water and popsicles. The kids were busy lighting sparklers, snapping Wolfpacks, and running around the park. Us adults, sat in our comfy chairs and watched the display of fireworks. We finally went home and had the kids in bed before midnight. It was a great Independence Day celebrating our freedom we so cherish in America.

Sunday came and with it, more celebration of independence. This time, we celebrated spiritual freedom. We had a special guest musician, Luis Lenzi, who ministered to our church with his testimony and saxophone. Luis received his degree in music from Cal State University Bakersfield and has dedicated his talents to God. Please check out his website at to hear clips of his newly released CD and read more of his accomplishments. Before Luis played his last song, he told us how he decided on the title of his composition, "My Past Is Behind Me." This piece of music was played with great passion and it was evident many were touched by what they heard. Following this last song, everyone was encouraged to come to the front of the sanctuary for a time of prayer. It was then, that a great spirit of independence swept through the place. Now I will admit these names I am fixing to tell you may sound like a Disney story, but I want you to know Tiger and Rascal received the gift of God's spirit. Willie Lopez, better known as "Tiger," has been astray from God for more than 30 years but, when the power of God hit him, he was a changed man. It looked like he was boxing the devil in the air and the smile on his face was certainly from ear to ear. Last week I posted a picture of Brian with Tiger following Tiger's baptism. Rascal, who was born Delores Lopez and not related to Tiger, is a tiny, petite girl who is mother to (I believe) eight children. Rascal decided to leave her "past behind" and was filled with the joy of the Lord. Yes, it was an independence weekend. I celebrate America and I celebrate God. I celebrate the new life for Tiger and Rascal.

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