Saturday, August 15, 2009

Courage and Critics

Whatever you do, you need courage.
Whatever course you decide upon,
there is always someone to tell you you are wrong.
There are always difficulties arising
which tempt you to believe that your critics are right.
To map out a course of action and follow it to the end,
requires some of the same courage which a soldier needs.
Peace has its victories,
but it takes brave men to win them.
- Emerson
Have enough courage to live above your critics.


  1. Totally AWESOME timing for me to read this, Jana. Kent posted a blog that several took great offense to a few days ago. He deleted the comments and has disabled the comment option for a few days on his blog. Well wouldn't you know tonight after an AMAZING service one of the persons posted remarks on my blog. I deleted them and they appeared again in all caps. I deleted again. I wanted to 'shout' back at them but didn't :) Thanks for your post. Love ya!

  2. Tracie - I just went and "shouted" on your blog to let the world know you are great and tough enough to live about your critics. LOL Tracie, for the life of me, the hardest thing about pastoring is comforting the feeble minded. I just have a hard time with stupidity. You know, we would do anything for a person in need of pastoral help whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, but "feeble minded" is a whole other category and I just struggle with patting their heads and holding their hands. Hang in there, dear.

    P.S. I had some vile comments so I require all comments to come to my e-mail for review before allowing them to post. You might want to consider that.

  3. Apparently it isn't anyone from our church. I tracked the ip address. However, based on comments on Kent's blog it is someone that is UPC and thinks cutting of hair isn't scriptural, etc. The wonderful thing of internet is you don't have to read anything you don't like. I wish they would simply just not read the blog. After twice of writing comments on my blog asking where their comments are on Kent's blog and me deleting them maybe they will get the hint and not come back. Enjoy a blessed week in beautiful CA!

  4. It takes more and more courage today than ever before. Seems the world is filled with critics, and no matter what one does, there is a nay sayer. That's why we saints need to uphold the ministry even more than ever.

  5. Tracie - I, too, can't understand why people get mad at a blogger's opinion. If you don't like my opinions, don't read my blog. There we go again, those feeble minded people getting in our way. LOL Hope you are having a great day.

    Sis. Hopper - pastoring would be an easy job if everyone was like you. Your prayers and support of the ministry is greatly appreciated.

  6. Shout now. Jana, I needed to read this today. Very encouraging and such quote will go in my journal as a reminder to me to ALWAYS have courage to live above the critics. I am not who the critic says I am, but I am who God says I am. I am a child of His. :)

    Deb Pryor

  7. Deb - you definitely are NOT what critics would say and you are woman enough to live abouve them. Love you much and miss you!