Monday, August 24, 2009

Words From A Friend

by Mark Condon

Around the country I am often approached by people in my conferences and seminars who have a desire to move their ministry, music or life in a forward motion. I want to help you today do that very thing with this one idea! This morning I was in the airport and I needed to get to the other side of the airport in a hurry. So, I took advantage of the people mover (it is like a flat escalator) and was walking at a normal speed when I quickly passed up some people who were expending the exact amount of energy as I was but they were not going anywhere near the speed that I was going. You see, they were walking on the floor next to the people mover. They were so close to success but yet so far! I am not sure why anyone would take the regular floor route when you could get there twice as fast with the same amount of energy. The thought quickly came to mind that this is how life is for so many people. Some people seem to be doing the same thing as you are but for some reason they are getting to their destiny quicker than you are. I want to give you a "people mover" idea that will allow you to move your ministry and life in a forward direction quicker than 90% of everyone you know! This may sound elementary but it really is the base for which EVERYTHING needs to be channeled through. Excellence! Yes, I am asking you to be a person of excellence and a person of character. This may seem common but I really feel that it is something that many of us do not apply often enough on a consistent basis. Diligence is where it is at!!! Hint: DEVOUR Proverbs. I am referring to all of the small things like:

1. Picking up papers that are laying on the floor that you maybe didn't put there. How about when you go into a grocery store and pick up an item but later realize that you do not need it so you just put it down anywhere instead of putting it back where it belongs. How about making your bed every morning or cleaning up the kitchen after you use it. How about making sure your paper towel actually goes into the wastebasket in public restrooms. Do the things that most people will not do and you will quickly find yourself receiving the things and opportunities that most people do not receive.

2. Keeping very good care of what you have. For example: cars, house, apartment, closets, garage, and bills. How do we ever expect God to give us more when we do not adequately honor and respect what He has already given to us. How often do we try to get a little more out of someone, store or friend because we are just downright cheap. What would happen if we would go overboard and bless someone or some business. How often do we go off on some fast food attendant because they made a mistake or are slow? Why not be an example of excellence and go overboard with kindness. How about being cheap on tipping? How about being honest on copyright, discounts or things that you just may get away with but yet you know it is not right?

3. How about paying your bills on time and not spending more than you know is right for your family budget. How about being early and stop coming in at the last minute or worse, arriving late! I really think that 90% or more of people do just what it takes to get by and that is why the majority of people live a very average life. The people who go overboard are the ones who get to enjoy the true blessings and the finer things of God! I really want to encourage you to step onto the "People Mover" of God's plan and position yourself to move faster than ever. Pay attention to the details and always say it is unto God that I do this. Do what almost no one else will do. Step out and enjoy the kind of life that is so rewarding!


  1. After reading these steps, all that I can say is to those who pass by here. Our homes, our street, our church, our fellowship church our other, our state and maybe our country might take a good sized step in the correct direction.


  2. Mervi - Can you imagine if everybody adhered to such good discipline? WOW!