Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Camp Pics

My favorite redhead - Bryn-Anika
Another darling redhead - Chloe Tredway riding with her daddy on his golf cart
Jr. Campers playing ball
There were jean skirts, and more jean skirts and more jean skirts
One of the exhibits was this tantalizing bakery.
This booth specialized in girls clothing and accessories.
While on exhibit, they custom wrapped this van with extreme graphics. Quite an interesting way to "paint" your vehicle.
Brian Kinsey speaking at an evening service
Although half of W.A.Y. Choir was in Nashville at Youth Congress, the remaining members brought the house down Thursday evening.
Apostolic Tabernacle of Merced - Need I say more??? There's nobody like 'em. They tore the roof off!!!
Part of the crowd. (The blue carpet is the middle aisle so this pic represents about half the crowd.)

Now that the Western District has now become two separate districts (SoCal and Western), we felt as if we were starting over and not sure what to expect. Our expectations were exceeded! The Camp Meeting had an outstanding attendance and was able to function "in the black" with monies already in reserve for next year. Gaylen Cantrell was the Camp Meeting director and Brian was his adminstrator. They are overjoyed with the success of this Camp Meeting. This year's exhibit hall featured a great variety of products. Pentecostal Publishing House of St. Louis, Missouri set up a large book store, there were several booths of ladies clothing, purses, shoes, tapestry wall hangings, various artists with their CD's, a bakery, and a booth that had fried pies, homemade ice cream, cookies, etc. I suggested they make half the exhibit hall into a food court next year. The daily Bible teacher was Dr. James Hughes and the evening speaker was Rev. Brian Kinsey. What an incredible team!!! The CD's can be ordered through Putting whip cream and a cherry on this camp was the gorgeous weather. I love camp time.


  1. Jana, Just wordering, but are these camp meeting open to the public?

  2. Real cute picture of Bryn. Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Jennifer, I think it was the best Camp Meeting ever. We missed you and your family.

  4. Helen - the week of family camp is open to the public. We spend three weeks here. The first week is a camp for 7-15 year olds and the third week is a camp for 15-25 year olds. Those are closed camps (an application is necessary) for the protection of the youth. They have morning devotions, contemporary worship, then spend the afternoons doing various sports. During the evenings there is church and it always includes a camp choir and lots of music.

    Camp Meeting is the second week and there are morning services which include some music and a daily inspirational speaker. The afternoons are free time to visit the exhibits, shop, eat, go to the beach, etc. At night, we have great church. The local newspaper usually does a write up and the public is always welcome. Every year, there are people who drop by to see what is going on and they end up taking Jesus home with them. :)

  5. I am sure everyone thinks that we are exaggerating about how awesome camp meeting was but in all my years of attending, this was the "cherry on top". How could the Lord have orchestrated a better day/night teaching/preaching team? He knew exactly what His church needed. I'll ponder for weeks on this "manna".

  6. Karen - well stated. The ministry was "over the top," "off the chain," etc. The only thing that would have made it better, in my opinion, is a little more special singing the first three nights. However, the ministry was so incredible, it was easy to forget about the music.