Monday, December 7, 2009

Brian and Jana's Christmas Salad

Saturday night was our Christmas banquet. The menu was shredded beef, green beans, rice pilaf, salad, roll, sweet tea, and dessert from The Cheescake Factory. Brian and I made the salad this year. It is a recipe we created a couple years ago and has been a huge "hit" with our church family. I thought I would share our secret since it is such a simple salad yet delicious.

Ingredients: spring salad mix, green salad mix, Sesame dressing (from Costco), fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, fresh red, seedless grapes, dried cranberries, apples, candied or glazed walnuts. (In the summer, add tangerines.)

At Costco, we purchase the large bags of salad mix that has iceberg, purple cabbage and carrots, and the boxes of spring salad mix. Use a box of spring salad mix for every two bags of the other salad mix and blend all the greens. Then add the blueberries, sliced strawberries, halved grapes, dried cranberries, chopped apples, and candied walnuts. Once you have all of this mixed, add the Sesame dressing and toss the salad well.

(If you want to make salad for 200 people, use 8 bags of the regular salad mix, 4 boxes of spring salad mix, three bottles of Sesame dressing, three pounds of fresh blueberries, three pounds of red seedless grapes, two pounds of strawberries, approximately four pounds of dried cranberries, 4 chopped red delicious apples, 3-4 pounds of glazed walnuts.)


  1. Sounds wonderful...and easy. Merry Christmas season to all of you.

  2. Jana, do you mind if I add your recipe to my recipe section of my blog?

  3. Sis. Buxton - Merry Christmas to you, too. Feel free to add the recipe to your blog. The salad taste as good as it sounds.

    Helen - It was so yummy. Wish you could have been here. The whole dinner was fabulous. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season.