Friday, December 18, 2009

The Friendly Squirrel

Yesterday, while entering a business, Bryn saw this little squirrel romping in the landscape and so we paused to watch it. The little critter looked up at us and came straight towards us, paused and raised up on his hind legs as if to say, "Hi," or "Do you have any snacks?" Bryn was so happy I captured his picture. All God's creatures, great or small, are such a wonder.


  1. It's cute! I love when they sit up like that and cock their head to the side. God's an amazing creator!

  2. Several mounts back my bride and I were on the back side of Morro Rock. The little squirrels seemed to come out from under every rock. They would stand and look at you as if to say, “were are the goodies.” We love to sit and watch God’s creations.


  3. Jennifer - I totally agree with you.

    Mervi - I love visiting Morro Rock. That is one of my most favorite places in the world.