Monday, January 16, 2012

Never Dull and Boring

Go ahead and chuckle. I not only giggled but I laughed till I cried when this goofy character showed up in my house. This past fall, my oldest son Bryce signed a contract for his first full-time teaching job as a middle school music teacher. The first picture is of him directing one of his classes at their winter program. As professional as he can look and act, there are those occasions he decides to be a goober. He found a fake cigarette in some of his stuff and the next thing that shows up in the living room, is this redneck. A few months before Christmas, he made a comment about wanting a pirate hat. Not only did I find him the hat, I also found a pirate shirt. Soon after opening his gifts, he went to his room and reappeared as a pirate. I am very proud of my son and his accomplishments this past year but, I also enjoy the fun he brings into our home. Life is never dull and boring around him.

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  1. Oh my word...I can so see my nine year old son doing this when he is older. He loves dressing up in different ways. I love every minute of it, too! So funny!