Monday, January 9, 2012

They Walk Amongst Us

Yes, "they" walk amongst us. Who? Negative minds, stubborn spirits, hateful hearts, or "they" are sometimes referred to with common names such as idiots, jerks, egomaniacs, haters, and the list can continue. These types of characters are often the source of our frustrations however, such frustration is allowing "them" to control us. So, what should we do? Here are my recommendations upon facing "them":

Smile, say "Hello," and keep moving.
Don't give them an audience in which to spew their ignorance.
Be kind.
Don't retaliate and stoop to their level.
Be strong.
Resist the urge to defend yourself.

Finally, remember time proves all things. Yes, "they" walk amongst us but our responses determine how much control they attain. We can't stop "them" from walking amongst us but, we can determine how much power they are given over us.