Friday, February 12, 2016

Be Content and Give Thanks

When I hear people complain about America, I want to ship them to a third world country where they can see real poverty, serious starvation, disease ravaged bodies, begging lepers with fingers gone, malnourished children with spindly legs, distended bellies, and orange hair, open sewers leading into the ocean, a few blocks further ladies washing their few pieces of clothing in that same water, the twisted, crippled bodies dragging themselves down the road begging for a few bites to eat, and naked children who have never had clothes or shoes. Oh, but take note that those poor people are happy. They dance, sing, and children play with rocks and rubbish. 

 Before returning the whining American home, he or she would be served fly covered rice out of a dirty bowl on the ground. He or she could squat with others and use their right hand only to reach into the bowl to eat because the left hand is dirty. After returning to America, I doubt they would find our country to be so bad after all. 

 You think things are bad? It could be so much worse. I've been there, seen that, lived there, and was ready to kiss the ground when I came back to the USA. Yeah, this is part of the reason I struggle to tolerate whiners. It's time to be content and give thanks.

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