Sunday, February 18, 2007

Singles Conference Highlights

Friday and Saturday night we were honored to attend the Central Valley Singles Conference in Visalia, California hosted by Pentecostal Lighthouse and Pastor James McPhail. Special guests were The Olivers, Karen Harding, and the anointed ministry of John Arcovio who replaced Lee Stoneking. (Bro. Stoneking was snowbound in New York and couldn't get a flight out.) Our little girl, Bryn-Anika, received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave utterance, on Friday evening during the Kids Crusade. She was soooo excited! Blake won the art contest both nights. Saturday afternoon we received a phone call asking if Bryce would sing at the Saturday evening service. He decided to sing "Not Performing" which is the title of his newly released CD. This was the first time he ever sang the song in front of an audience and, even though I have heard it many, many times, I could not help but cry. It is such a touching song and I was not the only one crying. Here are a few of the lyrics:

...The crowd is here while I sing my song, but if the music stops, they’ll be gone, I’m not performing for anyone but you. When the stage is dark and the curtains down and there’s no one but me, you’ll be around, I’m not performing for anyone but you.

This curtain hides so many failures they will never know, but you see everyone and still you come back to every show, and as I sing to silent seats I hear one single cheer from the balcony, I’m not performing for anyone but you.

Karen Harding followed Bryce and she bragged on him as much as I would. She then sang a song titled I'm Living In Graceland." Visit her website and read about the wonderful things happening. Karen wrote this song after reading about Elvis short time living at Grace Land. As she thought about this, she begin to think how Elvis only enjoyed his Grace Land for awhile, but as Christians we have the opportunity to live in grace forever. It is a wonderful song and has been nominated in the first round for a Dove Award. Karen is also up for a SGN Diamond Award for Bluegrass/Country song of the year. She is a wonderful lady with an anointed ministry and I am honored to call her friend. I have included a picture of Karen and Bryce.


  1. 1. It's so thrilling to hear about your little girl receiving the Holy Ghost! There's no greter joy than to know your children walk with the Lord.

    2. I know you're proud, proud, proud of Bryce. The words of the song are beautiful!!

    3. I love Karen! She's a true-blue person sings with the anointing. She sung a song at out Texas Camp Meeting one night just after us losing Keith and Mother in death. In my heart I felt she was singing it to us (Karla, Ronda, and me)and when she came off of the platform, she turned and said, "That was for you!" She is a very caring person. Thank you for posting about her and your children.

  2. Yes, Linda, it is a joy to know your children love God.

    Karen could sing that song to you and your family because she has been there. She is such a wonderful person.

  3. How beautiful and precious that Bryn received the Holy Ghost.
    I love the words to Bryce's song. I'm looking forward to the c.d.
    I also love Karen. She is just great in every way.

  4. Ronda - thanks for dropping by. If you are planning to attend any of the northern ladies conference, I will be there with mine and Bryce's CD. I am singing Friday night and plan to be there before the service is over Friday morning. If you aren't able to be there, we do have PayPal set up on Bryce's website. Hopefully, I will have PayPal set up on my website within a couple of weeks.

    I, too, love Karen. When Bryce was in the Exalting Him competition, Karen came by the studio and coached him for his song that was on the finalists compilation CD. We have been friends with her since our young, single days. I hope her song wins a Dove. She deserves it.

  5. It is so neat to hear about your daughter! I am always moved by little children seeking God. I came as a child and I know what a difference it made in me - so it makes me want to help them in any way that I can.

  6. Gene - thanks for dropping by. Your wife Karla is such a doll and it is nice to hear from you two. We had several adults tell us they heard our daughter get the Holy Ghost, and she told us, "I got the Holy Ghost just like I did at Camp Meeting." She had told us she got the Holy Ghost at Camp Meeting, but we never had any adults verify it. However, after Friday night, we realize she probaby did receive the Holy Ghost at Camp Meeting. She was only four years old when we were at Camp Meeting. God is so incredible to touch our very small children with His spirit.

  7. Sister Allard, this is so cool that Bryn received the Holy Ghost, she is a priceless Jewel,
    It was so nice seeing you this past weekend, and knowing that I always have a "home" to come to, I love you so very much, just the words that were spoken, and really only you and I and of course God knew what I really needed,
    Bryce's CD is awesome, and I am so glad that it is part of my collection, I love you,


  8. Cheri - it was great having you home this week-end. No matter how far you move, this will always be your home! :) I'm glad you liked Bryce's CD. Of course, I think it is the best! :)

  9. Hey, Jana! I see you read Helen's blog also. LOL! I came back by yours to see if you had changed it. It looks really good and much easier to read! What are "blog friends" for? I guess they keep us going straight! LOL!

  10. Well, Linda, I really did like the look of the dark background, but when I read Helen's blog I knew I had to change it. To be fair, I must admit that I wouldn't even buy a computer with black keys and white letters because I have a hard time seeing them.

  11. Hi Sis. Allard,

    That is awesome about Bryn getting the Holy Ghost! How awesome! I remember her...I was a volunteer for childrens church at camp meeting. God Bless!


  12. Hi, Jen - thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure that I know who you are by name, but would probably recognize you by sight. Will you be at the district ladies conference? I will be at both the northern and southern conferences. Look me up if you get to go.