Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Blog

This post is for the purpose of advertisement. I have recently helped the WAY Choir set-up a blog. They plan to have a weekly devotional, pictures, prayer requests, etc. If you have time, pay the blog a visit and give the kids a shout out.

P.S. HELP!!! One of the boys posted a slideshow and all of the sidebars moved to the bottom of the page. Does anyone know enough about Blogger to help us solve this problem?


  1. Thank You Very Much for inlightening my day! I absolutely Love Them! What a Wonderful Treat! Thank You Again!
    Hugs, Falicia Sherbon

  2. Falicia - I am so glad you enjoyed the WAY blog. Please visit again.

  3. Jana, I just read about Brian's accident on the WAY choir blog. Your family (particularly Brian) are in my prayers. I love you, dear. Helen

  4. Helen - thanks so much for your prayers. I know they are effective. It has been a hectic week-end, but fortunately we had a young singer/minister that lives less than an hour away and he came to minister to our congregation today. By the time you read this, you will have seen the picture of the X-Ray I posted. I couldn't get the camera to get a clear picture of the breaks. Love you, too!