Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The WAY Quartet

Here is a clip taken from YouTube of the WAY Quartet performing "Beyond The Blues" in Redding, California on the WAY Choir 2007 Tour. This quartet is comprised of (from left to right) my son Bryce Allard, Lawrence Trump, Keith Smith, and Tyler Sullivan. Hopefully, someone will cough up a clip of the boys performing "Oh What A Savior." If so, I will be sure and share it with you.
DISCLAIMER: It was just brought to my attention that at the end of this video some small boxes will appear that you can click on to view other items from YouTube. I do not approve of the vulgar language used by Rosie in her conversation about Donald. My suggestion is that you refrain from clicking on any of these other links.


  1. Ok, I'm impressed! Bryce did very good with the bass part. Is there no end to that boys talent? lol

  2. WOW! They sound great! I must say - I was surprised by the bass part. It took me a while to figure out who was singing it! Good job!

  3. Ronda and Karla - thanks for dropping by. I really thought the boys did great considering the amount of time they practiced, etc. This video clip was the last night of tour and most of their voices were fatiqued and not up to par. Also, that is only the second time they sang that particular song. So, considering all things, I think they are fabulous!

  4. Hi Jana, I enjoyed "Beyond the Blues." You have some talented young people in your choir. Helen

  5. Helen - thanks for your compliment. I really enjoy traveling with this group of youth. They are all exceptionally talented and great fun to be around. They are planning to go to Nashville during winter break and record a CD.

  6. They were awesome! God has really blessed them with great talent. I agree, the bass part was sung so good. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, too. See? The Youth of today is Rockin' for Jesus!

  7. What can I say but Awesome,Awesome, Awesome!!! Not only were they singing praises unto God but I could tell that they were having a great time and enjoying themselves in doing so. Nothing thrills me more than when I see young people who will stand up and give their all to do a work for the Lord. Don't tell me it's just to hard in today's world to live for God. Here is living proof that you can do it. You just have to have the "Want To!" Bryce, you do me proud! Jolene

  8. They all did a great job. I didn't realize the bass part was Bryce until I read the comments here. I really enjoy hearing quartets like that with tight harmony. Very good.

  9. Hey, the boys are great! I'm anticipating hearing them in Santa Maria.


  10. Tena - you are so right. Today's youth are rockin'.

    Jolene - I love you so much and you don't know how good it makes me feel to know a saint in the church loves the preacher's kid. PK's have their share of junk, but you have always been so kind to my kids and I love you for it. If everybody knew Bryce the way you do, he would have a much easier world to live in.

    Carol - Will you get to be at Camp Meeting this year? Hopefully, you will be able to hear the quartet live.

    Sis. Buxton - See you there.

    EVERYONE - thanks for your kind words and compliments. I am so proud of these boys.

  11. Awesome, thanks for sending.

  12. Hi Jana,
    I read your blog as often as is humanly possible ...with so much going on around here at The POK it looks like your life is almost as busy as ours is =)

    Everything is awesome that you do and I totally enjoy seeing your beautiful family doing and giving their best to promote God's kingdom.

    ... and I love the everyday quotes..they speak my sentiment so many times!

    God bless!

  13. Hello Jana and Brian, I am so impressed! Thank You Very Much for sharing this wonderful music with me! I Love It and can't wait to hear more. The video is a wonderful addition as well. I just spent the last hour on both websites and went over each page, a reason to relax. Just amazing and Great Great Talent, I truly mean that!

    I hope all of you are doing well. You are so a wonderful family! A True Gift!!!!

    Thank You Again! I plan on getting both of your CD's very soon! And I want the third one as soon as it's out also!

    Have a Wonderful Day! Thank You Again for sharing the refreshing video!

  14. Lavelle - I am glad you enjoy the blog. Makes me feel like it is worthwhile. :)

    Falicia - you are such a dear. My life has been enriched by knowing you.

    Cindy - I'm glad you dropped by.

  15. "The guys sound great. Can't wait to hear more from them."
    Sis. Mullings

  16. Haha.... I'm laughing at your disclaimer about the "Donald/Rosie" vid that is getting linked to this one... If Lawrence's last name wasn't Trump that wouldn't have happened. lol

  17. Weston - I didn't know about it until Karry called me and said I might want to take the clip down. I really didn't want to take the clip down, so I decided on putting the disclaimer. Lawrence ought to get big bucks for his name. LOL