Monday, October 8, 2007

Have Faith With Me

My dear friends - I am inviting you to expand your faith and join me in prayer for my very dear friend, Jolene. She has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Please visit her blog and leave her an encouraging word. She has posted some thoughts about living with a brain tumor. Actually, I think you will be encouraged by reading many of her thoughts. Her blog is at


  1. Wow, I will certainly pray for her. I have even a stronger empathy for cancer patients than I used to, because I've become more familiar with it. Please pray for my close cousin Shane (from Bro. Frost's church in Bakersfield). He is 27 years old, married, father or 2, and an accomplished musician and recording artist. His brain tumor is one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer there is, and will be undergoing his 3rd surgery (within in the space of a year). He has been touched by God several times, but there are so many unanswered questions that arise out of situations like this. And yet, it's something that has made Shane's faith steadfast in God. He has an awesome testimony (cancer isn't the only thing he's had to fight lately...robbery, extreme financial situations, and more), despite fearing for his life daily. Please keep him in your prayers so that he will be healed in Jesus name.

  2. Hi Jana, I just left a message on Jolene's blog and will keep her in my prayers. Love, Helen

  3. Hi Jana,

    I was just at Jolene's blog, and I will certainly be praying for her and believing God for great things.

  4. Jana, we are joining with you in prayer.

  5. Jana, Praying and believing with you about Jolene.

  6. Jana, know that we are praying for Jolene. God is able to heal her! He will also give you strength and words to help her through this time. Love you!

  7. Janell - Our church has had prayer for Shane, but then we hadn't heard any recent news. Please let me know how he progresses. We will continue to pray.

    To all my friends - I knew I could count on you. Thanks.

  8. I read both yours and Sis Jolene's blog.
    It's time I leave and word.
    My heart is with you and our prayers for Jolene.
    I left a comment on her blog also.

    (From Bro and Sis Pryor's church)

  9. Jana,

    Thanks for letting us know. I have posted on Jolene's blog and will have our church pray for her as well. She is a dear sister!


  10. Catherine - I am glad you dropped by and left a comment. It is always nice to hear from those who read my blog. Thanks for your prayers.

    Karen - thanks for your prayers. You are right - Jolene is a dear sister. I wish you could see some of her talents used in our church. She puts together our bulletin board and she comes up with some of the most incredible thoughts and ideas. It is always gorgeous.

  11. Sis. Allard, thanks so much for praying for Shane! We're just waiting to see what happens right now, because the doctors are not sure what to exactly do at this point, so we're believing for a miracle. As for your friend Jolene, that is SO wonderful hers is benign! I hope she will be able to recover quickly, she seems like such a fantastic woman.