Friday, October 19, 2007

Life Is Fragile

Recently, my dear friend went into premature labor from complications brought about by Preeclampsia. It was a very traumatic experience with mom and baby boy nearly dying. I paced the floor for days consumed with worry because my friend was far away on the east coast and I could not get there. God answered the many prayers and mom and baby are now home and doing well. The picture is of him while in hospital.
Last week I received news that another friend who went to high school with Bryce, delivered her baby nearly three months early. The two pound baby seemed to be progressing quite well until yesterday when it developed a severe bleed in the brain. It breaks my heart to see infants hooked to so many wires and machines because I know that the parents are not being allowed to hold their baby close and their minds are troubled. Thankfully, the baby will not remember this stressful time. We know that babies are resilient little fighters for life, yet life is so fragile. Will you join me in prayer for this new mom and dad and their tiny daughter?


  1. We will be praying that God moves in a mighty powerful way and heals this precious little baby girl you mentioned. Glad to know that the first baby is doing well.

    We recently had a young lady deliver her twins almost 4 months early. It was scary but they are home now and weigh 10 lbs each!!! Praise the Lord!! He is a miracle working God!

  2. Hi Jana. Yes, I'll be in prayer for these tiny babies and their parents. Love, Helen

  3. Sis Allard, I am so glad that Mom and Baby are home and doing well. I have been praying for them and still doing so.

    My heart goes out to Bryce's friend and I am adding her, her baby and family to my prayer list.

  4. I just said a prayer.

    I know what you mean about seeing little babies all hooked up to tubes and machines... it is a reminder of the frality of life. Thankfully we serve a prayer answering God!