Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Shout Out to Apostolic Tabernacle of Merced

Sunday before last (Oct. 7), I was invited, along with several other guests which included the WAY Quartet and Nancy Grandquist, to sing at Apostolic Tabernacle in Merced, California for their "Sunday Singsation." This is a "happenin'" church and the congregation is quite culturally diverse. I couldn't help but think how wonderful the world would be if all churches, communities, cities, states, and governments, would embrace one another with such love and respect as the church family in Merced. If anyone would like an example of a place free of racism and prejudice, Apostolic Tabernacle is the place to look. Please take time to visit their website and view some of their video clips. I might add, their choir sings the "Star Spangled Banner" better than any other performers I have heard. (On the home page of their website, there is an ad for video clips of Praise On The Mountain. Click there to view their performance of the "Star Spangled Banner.")

Before Sam Emory became the pastor of the church in Merced, he was a frequent guest speaker at our church. One of our fun memories was on a New Year's celebration when Blake was less than a year old and we were doing our traditional thing by going out to eat at 1 a.m. Blake was so mesmerized with Bro. Emory that he fought sleep to be able to watch Bro. Emory. Little Blake's eyes would shut, his head would roll sideways, and then he would suddenly jerk up and look straight at Bro. Emory. Blake is now ten years old, and Sam Emory is one of his heroes. Our family is greatly honored to count Sam and Shirley Emory as some of our dearest friends. We love them and we love the church they are now pastoring.

P.S. The genius behind their music is Mark Yandris, a highly sought after musician and director.


  1. How cute!! I think Bro. Emory is definitely hero material!! He loves the Lord with all his heart, gives his all every time he sings or preaches, and is pastoring an awesome church!

    I recall a revival we had once with Bro. Emory in which I sang a song God had just given me. A friend of the Emory's received the Holy Ghost during the song!!! And Bro. E helped me realize that a powerful song doesn't have to always be fast. He had me slow a song down and WOW did it work better!!! LOL He is an inspiration!! Love him dearly even though it has been several years since I have been able to talk one on one with him!

    Thanks for this opportunity to shower a great man with kudos well earned!!

  2. Hey Jana! wow,You're too Nice!
    Thanks for all those kind comments.The presence of your family made it one of the greatest "Singsation Sunday's" we've ever had- seriously.

    and another Question:Why hasn't Pentecost heard more of your voice on a National scale?I'm not getting it. folks, you need to hear this woman sing! what an amazing voice!!!

    We'll have to do more musical things together in future- in fact, we'll see you all tonight at yet another music event.looking forward to it~!

    Mark Y.

  3. Jana M - Glad you dropped by. I was wondering if you had fallen off the earth. :)

    Mark - I am not generous with compliments so I really mean it when I say you're a musical genius. Wish I had a drop of your skills on the organ/keyboards!

  4. Full time school-work and full time work-work (LOL) have kept me pretty busy! I have been dropping in regularly to see what is happening with the Allard family. How is the house coming?

  5. Jana M. - We are now back in our house and the repairs are completed. Now we have boxes piled everywhere and I am trying to make some sort of sense and organization to all the stuff. We are getting there. At least we are sleeping in our own beds. YEAH!

    I do understand the hectic schedule. It has been ridiculously busy for us. I have one free weekend from now til the end of the year. I am either performing or coaching the WAY Quartet at their practices. But, it's all good. I wouldn't trade it.

  6. Now, THAT is busy!! One free weekend for the next 3 months????? WOE is YOU!!!

    Glad to hear you are back in your own beds...nothing like your own pillow, covers, and mattress for a good nights' sleep!!!

  7. Hey, Jana.

    Ditto on the Sam and Shirley Emory kudos. They are some of the finest who walk on this earth. I love them dearly.

    Mark Yandris--an exceptionally talented musician.

    Jana Allard--fits right in with all of those.

    Love you

  8. Thank you, Sis. Buxton. You are kind.

  9. I agree that the Emorys are wonderful people. Before Brother Emory took the church in Merced and was evangelizing, he came and preached for us a couple of times. I know that some evangelists of his stature would not want to preach in a smaller church, but he was gracious to look us up when he was in the area. It sounds like the Emorys are doing a great job in Merced, and I'm happy for them!

  10. The Emory's are great people. I like Mark Yandris's comment. You are one amazing, lovely singer.

  11. Carol - Yes, Bro. Emory is a great man. I remember an occasion he was at our church and he told us about a larger church wanting him at the same time. Another preacher told him he should go to the larger church because he would get more money, but Bro. Emory let him know that he goes where God wants him and that it is not about how much money you can get. He has always been a "big-time" preacher who loves the common people and is no respector of persons or churches. We love him and his wife dearly.

    Debbie - you are sooo sweet. Love you mucho!

  12. After watching their YouTube videos and attending their evening service over the Net.... I agree, seems Bro. Yandris took the "genius" mantle that Ray Charles dropped on his way up...

  13. Betnich - thanks for dropping by. You are always welcome at my blog. I am glad you get to enjoy the Merced services online. They really are great.