Tuesday, December 18, 2007


As promised, here is the final report of our week in Nashville. After several long days in studio, we finally finished all vocals late Thursday night. Friday morning, the boys had a photo shoot. The photographer, Kim Lancaster, took them to a brick alley in downtown Nashville. She did several different poses and the pictures are quite nice. You see the boys in the alley, but the top of the pic shows the sky with some city skyscrapers in the background. After the alley shots, we went to Kim's studio and finished some other shots. When she was finished with the boys, she told Bryn to pose for her and then added Blake. I now have some darling pictures of Bryn and Blake and, of course, I can't resist sharing them with you. Consider this another brag moment. LOL When the photo session was done, we went to Daywind's offices and toured the distribution center. It is quite impressive. Finally, we were free. It was about six in the evening and we headed for downtown Nashville. We walked quickly to take in the sights of the symphony house, Country Music Hall of Fame, music row, etc. We stopped long enough to eat then headed over to Opryland Hotel. There, we rode the boats, saw all the amazing Christmas decorations, watched the dancing waters, and capped it off with dessert - pastries and Godiva Chocolates. Saturday was a rainy day and we drove through some other areas of downtown Nashville before heading to the airport. Now work begins on finalizing the CD. Today the project is headed to mixing and some other songs will be headed to orchestration. When it goes to mastering, we will get MP3 files via e-mail to decide if we like the mix. It won't be complete until we are happy with the sound. If all moves along smoothly without delay, the finished project should be available for purchase the end of February. I think I am ready to get this project off my mind until after Christmas. It is now time to enjoy my family. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season.


  1. Sis Allard, Just want you to know that these are great pictures, I hope you all have a great Christmas time, Love you all, Cheri

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    I wish your whole family a very merry Christmas.

    Shirley Buxton

  3. Kim is amazing! The pics turned out so good! :) Blake and Bryn look adorable.

  4. It's OK to brag - don't we all do it? Enjoy them!

  5. Your children are beautiful...of course you know I think so! Have a very Merry Christmas. Love you all!

  6. Cheri - thanks. You have a great Christmas, too.

    Shirley - I don't know who loves pictures more - me or you? Have a great Christmas and give Bro. Buxton a hug for me.

    P.S. Tell him my little girl is a mini-me. She wants to know when she can record a CD. :)

    Weston - You are right. Kim is not only a great photographer but she is also a wonderful, friendly person. I have everything printed out and in a photo album. We need to meet up so you can check all the pics out.

    Catherine - I'm glad you don't mind my bragging. The pictures were great, huh?

  7. Just caught up on your blog. You and Brian have been so busy! Kudos to you both for all your work! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  8. So Precious.
    I'm glad you guys are home, safe and sound.

  9. Steve - I think I could be safe to assume your life is busy similar to ours. It is always that way. Hope you and Debbie are having a great Christmas season.

    Ronda - I just love these pictures. It was so nice for the photographer to include the little ones. Now I have something to give the grandparents for Christmas. :)

  10. Jana, I absolutely love the pictures. See you soon.

  11. Debbie - I have an entire album of the whole photo shoot for you to see. The kids are counting the days until Sheldon is here. :)

  12. Hey I enjoyed looking at the pictures. They were all great.

    Love you much and have a very Merry Christmas!
    Laquita Mullings

  13. What can I say - amazing pictures of beautiful children.

    PS: Your photography is just as good as Kim's, and until I read your blog, I thought it was your pics.

  14. Thanks for keeping us all updated through the recording process. It was fun and made me feel like I was a part somehow! I can't wait to hear the final product. Please keep us updated on that as well.
    Love you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. BTW, the pictures are beautfiul.

  15. Helen, Laquita - thanks for your compliments

    Karen - you are too kind. I wish I could take pictures as good as Kim. Actually, I probably could if I had her equipment. :)

    Von de Leigh - thanks for the compliment. I will be sure to let everyone know when the new project is released.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!