Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Applaud Debbie

Debbie is the one who convinced me to join the world of blogging. I applaud Debbie for being a true friend. She works in the legal arena and faces many stressful days, but you would never know it. She is a positive, bright, person who radiates happiness. If you met her, you would quickly notice she is a proud mom to her brilliant son Sheldon and is head-over-heels in love with her husband Mark, pastor of The Pentecostals of Orange County. They make a dynamite team. You would probably notice her very healthy, gorgeous hair, too. There are many things I can applaud Debbie for, but I choose to applaud her most for her ability to pray. If I am in need, I want Debbie to pray for me. Yep, you are hearing whistles, clapping, and some hollerin' saying, "Go, Deb! I love you!"


  1. I enjoy visiting Sis Pryor's blog for it is always uplifting and a delight to read.

    I love the value she puts on family relationships. I love the value she put on Husband and Wife relationships. Then of course there are many other wonderful things that she brings across to her readers. I can always glean something of value from what she has to say.

    I am standing and Applauding!

  2. Jolene - Debbie is a true friend and I love her dearly. Everything you added about her is true, too.

  3. Now it's way more up and personal! I love my Pastor's wife and applaud. 110% is her way!!! Plus that God given hair...

  4. I agree with you Sis Pryor is one amazing women.
    We are truly blessed to have her as our first lady.

  5. Jana, I've been crazy busy and so missed the "applauding" from your blog until now...but want to thank you for applauding the greatest lady in the wife.

    As someone who lives with her I can vouch that she is a lady of prayer. I am thankful that I can count on her prayers.

    As Jolene mentioned she places major emphasis on the value of marital relationships.

    And yes, Jana, she has gorgeous hair. :-)

    BTW Jana, I know this is your blog post but allow me to take a moment and applaud you. You're quick to encourage, a blast to be around, write some incredible posts, and you are a great promoter of family values.

  6. Hey Jana (One of the BEST Soprano Voices in Pentecost!)-

    I ran across your blog and I LIKE IT. I think it's great that you are giving honor to special people in your life. (I applaud YOU for that) What a beautiful world this would be if everyone would take the time to do that!

    God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family!!

  7. Applause to a woman who wears so many hats and does a great job with them all.

  8. I applaud Debbie for being a good friend to Jana. I think Jana and I will agree that we need all the friends we can get. Life is so much easier, when we spend our time with people (both in person and online) who lift us up. I lift Debbie up because she is a person who also lifts others.

  9. Catherine and Beka - I appreciate your love and support to your pastor's wife. She is truly worthy of double honor.

    Mark - I know you are rightfully proud to have Debbie as your wife. I feel honored to know she is my friend. Thanks for your kind remarks.

    Lorraine - thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments. Hope everything is well with you.

    Karen - you are right. Debbie wears many hats and she is beautiful in all of them.

    Helen - thanks for supporting my friend. I should have added, Debbie is genuine. Such a "real" person without any pretense.

  10. Jana, I appreciate the applause. You are so thoughtful. God bless!!!

  11. Debbie - you are welcome. You are also deserving.

  12. Standing and applauding here in Torrance. We concur with everything mentioned of a great person!

    Steve & Debbie Saiz

  13. Steve - thanks for supporting my friend.