Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rambling - Hurrying To Catch Up! LOL

Time is running away from me! When I think I will have a few minutes to post, those minutes escape to jobs that must get done. The past week has been full of doctor appointments, going to the lab, arranging Bryce's fall quarter schedule (just six more classes to complete his credential), preparing for the children's Jump-A-Thon award ceremony (which is tonight), finding Blake new clothes since he has now grown out of everything (and he doesn't wear uniforms at his new school), getting Bryn new school uniforms, and finding shoes to accommodate her fast growing feet! She skipped an entire size! Blake is only 11 years old and I had to buy his pants, 31 x 30, in the mens department. By the way, Sam's Club has great Calvin Klein jeans for $14 and another brand, Plugg, for $12. I got Blake three pair to start the school year but first, we go to camp next Sunday. When I get home from camp, I think I will start shooting pictures of a huge stack of Bryn and Blake's outgrown clothes I need to put on E-Bay! Tomorrow is back to the doctor for some reports and I also start a new heart medicine tomorrow. My system is so sensitive to many drugs and I am always apprehensive when I start something new. Please say a prayer this medicine works without any side effects. A recent holter test showed my average heart rate is 94 bpm and this new medicine will hopefully slow my hyper heart. I still have a leaking valve even though the enlarged heart has reduced and we are still in the process of determining treatment. So much for all this rambling! Hopefully, I will have some pics to post of the award ceremony next time I check in. Have a blessed day!


  1. Mark - there is good news in all of this busy-ness. Starbucks opened Friday! It's for real. I'll post on it soon with pics. Brian went three times the first day! LOL

    Thanks for the prayers. They are appreciated.

  2. ~Jana, it seems that we have to much to do & not enough time:) I just posted a blog a couple days ago on that exact problem!:) As for shooting pic of clothes for ebay, I love ebay! My dad & I do ebay together, he's the shopper & I list everything:) Hope the medication worked out ok. I completely understand the worry of wondering how your body will react to new medication. Your in my prayers. God bless, Andrea~

  3. Busy, busy schedule. However, you need to rest and take care of yourself. Will be praying for you.

  4. Jana:

    As I read the last part of your comments, medication. I can not help but thing and remember Dana and all the pill bottles she had. The Doctor’s often would laugh at me when they would prescribe something new for her. I always asked, “Is there one she is taking now we can delete?” Then they would review what she was taking and many times drop at least one.
    I, at this point of my life, take a real hand full of drugs morning and night. Some of them or most of them I understand the requirements that they fulfill within this body.

    Ah, but the answer is, “Our doctor in the sick room,” is how the old spiritual goes.


  5. Andrea - E-Bay helps support "new" clothes for Bryn. LOL I actually sell many of her things for more than the price I paid. It's amazing! Thanks for your prayers. I'll probably know how this new medicine is really working within a couple days.

    Karen - thanks for your prayers. See you soon!

    Mervi - Other than vitamins, I only take three presecribed meds a day. I hate taking meds, hate getting older, and certainly hate feeling bad. But, there is hope - one day I'll have a new body! LOL