Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Starbucks Part II

Some of you offered your favorite drink, so I thought I would let you know what my family likes at Starbucks.

Brian likes it all but his two favorite hot drinks are:
Cinnamon Dolce Latte or Sugar Free Vanilla Breve Latte and his favorite cold drink is Passion Tea Lemonade.

Bryce loves hot Decaf Peppermint White Mocha's and cold Passion Tea (no water 14 pumps of classic).

Blake likes hot chocolate at 135 degrees or a Mocha Syrup Cream Frapp with only 1/2 pump of mocha no whip and a M & M Rice Krispy.

Bryn likes hot chocolate at 135 degrees, or a Mocha Syrup Cream Frapp with only 1/2 pump mocha and lots of whip cream, or a Strawberries & Cream Frapp add vanilla bean powder.

My favorite is Mocha Syrup Cream Frapp with only 1/2 pump of mocha but I also like peppermint hot chocolate, black or white tea - hot or cold.

Bryn also likes the Rice Krispy's and sometimes wants to share a turkey sandwich with me. I like the old-fashioned chocolate donuts, too.

Brian and I love to have the breakfast sandwiches if we are traveling early in the morning.

Now it's your turn to tell your favorite things at Starbucks.


  1. Sister Allard, I actually love the Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel maccichio, Breve Style, and also at Christmas time I love the Eggnog Latte, I think that very best thing about Starbucks is when I worked there and I became a certified Barista, I love that place,

    Love you all miss you too

  2. Venti Caramel, Mocha frap with 2 added shots

    or if I must switch, it'll be an iced caramel macchiato.

  3. Cheri - I didn't know you used to work for Starbucks?!?!?! Their training must be really intense.

    Mark - thanks for the comment. I love, love Starbucks.

  4. My favorite thing at Starbucks, besides the coffee, is just chillin with friends. I also like to get to know the names of the Baristas. My essential drink is a vanilla latte or vanilla iced coffee. Hmmm, I think I need COFFEE!! We need to meet very, very soon!!

  5. Debbie - it always better with friends. Especially a friend like you.

  6. A Vente White Chocolate Raspberry Espresso with a triple or even quad shot of esspresso! It use to be A White Chocolate Frappacino(sp?) until a few weeks ago when a friend bought me the espresso and suddenly I was in heaven!!!!!

  7. Oh goodness!! I'm ALL about Starbucks...it's pretty sad, really lol. Tulare needs to open one up next to my church. That would be a gift from God!!

    Anyway, my top 5 drinks are:
    * Iced nonfat caramel macchiato w/ extra caramel
    * Venti iced americano w/ 2 pumps caramel syrup, 2 sweet n lows, light cream, and caramel drizzle inside the cup.
    * Doubleshot on ice. Substitute w/ soy, no classic, 2 sweet n lows
    * Iced passion tea lemonade w/ raspberry
    * Iced nonfat chai latte with 3 pumps caramel syrup. Sometimes I use soy instead of nonfat milk. Either way is delicious!!

    In the winter, I like getting a hot nonfat peppermint white mocha w/ 1/2 pumps of the peppermint and white mocha.

    I could go on about Starbucks forever, but I'll just stop at that haha. Love you guys!!!

    ~ Sabrina

  8. Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel! EVERY day honey!

  9. Yvonne - I'd mail it to you if I thought it would work. LOL

    Sabrina - I already knew you were a Starbucks junkie! LOL

    Jaime - I pray you always get your daily fix. :)

  10. Sister Allard,
    Yes, I worked at Starbucks for 2 ½ years when I first moved to Arizona, it is a fun experience, the training is not so bad, it is just knowing “how” to say the drinks, LOL, it is great, I was a manager for the one in the airport in terminal 3, I worked 3 in the afternoon will 3 in the morning, and got all the next day ready for opening at 5am, I loved it, that is when I started drinking coffee, had to stay away, I would love to work there again, but with the schedule that I need to be able to be at church and college it is not easy, love you all much, cheri

  11. Carissa - we need to have a Starbucks party.

    Cheri - I've heard that Starbucks offers some good benefits. Sounds interesting.

  12. Lemon aid iced green tea!!

    A the company of frends.


  13. Twice

    That is after it is just to hot for Cafe Misto. MMMMmmmmmmm good.


  14. Mervi and Carol - thanks for your addition to Starbucks favorites.