Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keith Is Improving

Last evening, Keith's fever went down, he talked to his mom, and walked a few feet down the ICU hall. If you know Keith, you know he is ALWAYS talking so his injuries had to be bad to silence him. Just knowing he is talking again convinces me he is on the road to getting well.


  1. Jana, I am now praying that in a few days when Brian feels well enough to visit Keith that they will be able to minister to each other. That's what I'm praying for. Love, Helen

  2. Oh my word... i didn't know any of this happened.... how is everyone doing?? i am assumming that Keith is still in the hospital?? i had talked to Nicole on the night that they sang at her church but have not talked to anyone since, and i have been so busy that i haven't been checking up on everyones blogs... my prayers are with everyone!!! much love!!!