Friday, January 2, 2009

Therapy and More Therapy

Today, I took my mother to her therapy appointment and thought I should give a new update for those of you who keep asking how she is doing. A couple weeks ago, she fell again and thought she may have further damaged her arm. Fortunately, she was inside on carpet this time. Her doctor took x-rays and they were compared to the previous x-rays. It was determined she did not damge the arm further but possibly had some broken ribs. Her ribcage is quite calcified and has extensive deterioration from osteoporosis. The doctor said the x-rays were too difficult to see but he felt certain she had broken a few ribs. So, she missed therapy a few times and her arm was beginning to stiffen. She is now back on a hard regimen of therapy. The arm hurts most all the time but I believe it is improving. She is using the arm more often but cannot handle very much weight.

After therapy, we went to lunch and then she wanted to go to Marshall's. Falling, surgery, or pain, cannot take away her shopper's heart. LOL We browsed the sales, she tried on a few pair of boots, and after selecting a few bargains we headed home.

P.S. The above pic is mom and Bryce last year.


  1. I will be keeping your mother in my prayers. She is one of my favorite people! And a big happy new year to the Allard family!


  2. Tell your mom she is in our thoughts and prayers. She is so special.

  3. Happy New Year to all of you. My prayers for a full recovery are with your mom. Please give her a hug for me.

    Love from Jerry and me.

    Shirley Buxton