Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayer Changes Things

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. Keith was moved from ICU late Tuesday night and put in a telemetry room. He was given some broth and jello which he was able to process. God heard our prayers and Keith will not need surgery. Thank you, Jesus!! If all goes well, he may possibly be released Wednesday.

I went to the crash site, saw the marks on the road, the depth of the ravine, and was amazed once again of how God spared the lives of Brian, Bryce, and Keith. Afterwards, I went to see the car and took some more pictures. The trunk was smashed equal to the back window yet the back window did not break. All windows on the passenger side of the car were broken, there were two head marks on the windshield where Brian and Bryce's heads broke the windshield, Bryce's left hip hit the center console so hard it completely broke it off, his left shoulder broke the seatbelt holder from its place on the doorpost, Brian's chest suffered from hitting the steering wheel, the airbags DID NOT deploy, and yet all lives were spared. There are so many other things but I will spare you all the details. God is just amazing and always there when we are in need.


  1. We serve the God of Miracles...and three miracles have been witnessed. Isn't God wonderful!!

  2. Praise God! Glad to hear Keith is doing better. God answers prayer!

  3. Wow....just saw your blog postings about this, it's simply amazing. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! His protection is very evident. How scary for you all!

  4. We have witnessed the glory of our God as He passed by your friends and family.

    We shall keep all of them in our prayers;