Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the Road Again...

Rob, Shara, Brian, and me
Shara & Rob
Slyvia Clemons, counselor and speaker for Points of Refuge class
Dr. Keith Sjostrand, POR instructor
Points of Refuge chairman, Ron Libby
Tracie Smith (right) and me
Shara McKee, Tracie Smith, Diane Green and me (far left)
The Luciano Pavarotti of the UPC, Hugh Rosem and me

This poor blog must feel sadly forsaken! Life has been very busy but I have not left my blog high and dry. My internet access has been limited while traveling. Brian and I left in our RV last Saturday to attend the United Pentecostal Church International General Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri. The road trip was fun in spite of the thermostat going out on our rig. That caused us to spend an extra day in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the problem was corrected. We arrived in St. Louis Tuesday evening and our good friends, Rob and Shara McKee, took us to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and the following day brought me a Gooey Butter Cake for my birthday. On Wednesday, Brian and I attended a class for our new endeavor as care givers for Points of Refuge. ( The class featured three licensed counselors adding their expertise to the program. Wednesday night, we attended the musical/drama "One to Be Won." It featured a 300 voice choir, a large orchestra and a cast of great actors. Afterwards, I got to meet fellow blogger Tracie Smith. We all went out and had a great time visiting, laughing and eating. (Eating: what Pentecostals do best) This morning, I browsed the exhibit hall while Brian attended the ministers business session. Around noon, we pulled our RV out of its space and headed towards Branson. We hope to see the Noah production tonight. Brian and I are enjoying our time together and the time we were able to spend with our good friends.


  1. Girlfriend, I told you to make me look skinny! You must have forgotten. We had so much fun with you, Brian, and the rest of the gang. It was a night I will never forget. There is nothing like laughing and having fun with people who share similar interests...God, kids, and church! Thanks for the CD's. Hope to see you again, soon!

  2. Tracie - Girl, you looked like a million bucks! It was so nice to finally meet you. I had such a great time.