Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Day At a Time

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Unknown

This quote struck me funny. Guess my imagination kind of ran away. I visualized a frantic lady stressing over the events of the following day and then I saw the following day - another day-as-usual. The lady proceeds through the day acting normal until she realizes tomorrow is........and the vicious cycle begins again. Worrying about the next day. Have you ever taken time to recall a day you thought would be so bad and realized it wasn't nearly as bad as your worried mind had perceived? Life is full of curves, twists, and unexpected happiness and tragedy. Beautiful days can suddenly become gloomy and dark days can suddenly receive a burst of sunshine. It is the cycle of life. So tell me, why pray when you can worry? Wait. Correction. Why worry when you can pray? Just take it one day at a time.


  1. I have adopted a friend's saying as my own, regarding dieting anyway, "I'll start tomorrow!" (Because tomorrow never comes!)

    And it's true for everything. We spend the majority of our time worrying about things that will never happen, and if they do... they are things we can't control anyway.

    Great post. And a great reminder to trust in the One who has it all in His hands.

  2. I try to use this approach...Live life with a vision and goals, but handle the issues one day at a time because truly God gives us the grace to make it through each day.

  3. If we could just live each day as our last, we would not even think to worry but enjoy every second - looking only for the things that bring us great joy. Jana, what a great thought-provoking post. We have a tendency to get caught up with life's circumstances - and it is nice to get shaken and redirected.

  4. I put my trust in God. In the process I try to live one day at a time. Someone ask the other day what we were doing to do when..? I told them we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I think I have heard Sis. Trout say that a few times.

  5. So true. Live one day at a time. I just heard a message on 'It isnt what it seems like' I think this quote goes right along with it. We get so caught up in worrying over tomarrow that sometimes we forget to enjoy today. Just what I needed today. Thanks

  6. Rochelle - Speaking of tomorrow, when I was a little girl we were at a church meeting real late one night and I misbehaved. My mom said she was going to spank me tomorrow. The next day, I asked my day, "Is this tomorrow?" He responded, "No, this is today." My mom came in later and said she needed to spank me and I told her she couldn't because she had said she would spank me "tomorrow." I didn't get the spanking. YEAH!

    Mark - vision and goals are necessary and it is all possible through Him.

    Karen - human nature tends to ignore the value of life until they are diagnosed with terminal illness or such. Then they try to enjoy their days. The best thing is to live each day like our last without having something serious cause us to decide it.

    Kevin - great comment. You can't cross the bridge till you get there. :)

    Megan - what a great statement, "It isn't what it seems like." That can go along with this post but it is also a good thought to use when you see someone do something you think might be questionable. It may not be what you seem to think. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Tell your dad congrats on the sr. camp principal position. :)