Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sequel to Character Counts

Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.- Will Rogers

Count this as a sequel to my "Character Counts" post. My parents brought an African Grey parrot, named Dak, from Senegal, West Africa. He was such a smart bird and could imitate everyone in the family. When I read the above quote, I got to thinking about Dak and how we all miss him. He died a few years ago and we gave him a proper burial on the church property. Just like Dak would imitate everyone, so do children. Be mindful of your character in front of your children. Like the parrot sold to the town gossip, your children will reflect your character. Character counts.


  1. Great post. I think most of us have seen children expose their parents secrets they thought that they had so carefully hidden.

  2. This post isn't exactly about language but in a way it is. Character helps determine our choice of words, and children say what their parents or other adults say.

    I remember one day, teaching school, as I reaching into my desk drawer, a small splinter went up my fingernail. It startled me and hurt, and out of my mouth - in front of twenty-five impressionable young teens - came the word, "Ouch!"

    How glad I was using words like "ouch" was my habit. Character matters.

  3. I've seen this quote before and really like it. How true it is that our children reflect our character. May God help us to have character that is worthy of our children's imitation.

  4. Mark - yep, we've been victims. LOL Thankfully, our kids always said something funny.

    Helen - You are right about our language. It is important what words we choose. Not only can words be bad, they can hurt.

    Carol - Amen.

  5. Jana-
    This is a great post. I think I may have to use it. My grandfather used to tell a story about a couple in the church who had children that used to hang out with his children some. The couples children would tell my grandpa's children that "they couldn't afford certain extra things because their family had to pay their tithes". You must be careful what you say, because the preacher will always find out.

  6. Love that quote. Can't you just see a parrot revealing all the secret words!

    Shirley Buxton

  7. So, so true. I have been so convicted over this the last few weeks. Not only do our children do what we do, they don't do what we don't do... I have been having my alone time after Keilani goes to school, and I'm afraid it's been a while since she has seen me pray at home. I want her to see me spend time with Him so that she will do what I do.

  8. Josh - and God will always find out. " sure your sin will find you out." Numbers 32:23

    Shirley - I can see the bird talking and we would be curious enough to listen.