Saturday, February 23, 2008

Western District Ladies Conference

The 25th Annual Western District Ladies Conference has come and now gone with only great memories to hold. The Visalia Convention Center was accommodating and the recently renovated Marriott Hotel was beautiful. Visalia is a lovely, clean city with a quaint downtown area. There were many restaurants, shops, and even a trolley car that picked up ladies at the convention center and took them downtown and back. Trying not to set our expectations too high, we only had the convention center set up 1200 seats. We quickly realized Thursday night we must increase the seats to 1400. Praise and worship was under the direction of Karen Harding. She compiled a praise team of ladies from Southern California and Northern California which did an outstanding job. The band even had a woman drummer! Karen also conducted a ministers wives choir featuring a song written by Karen titled "Legacy of Love." Speakers included the UPCI national ladies president Gwyn Oakes, recording artist Kathy Hernandez, California ladies president Nita Hodges, and former California ladies president (and fellow blogger) Shirley Buxton. Some highlights were Nita Hodges message about "Leaving A Legacy" where grandmothers/mothers passed Bibles to their granddaughters/daughters, Shirley Buxtons message "The Audacity to Believe" where she spoke of believing in the younger generations, and Kathy Hernandez incredible skill on the saxophone. Kathy also taught a sober lesson on forgiveness. There was a "Celebration of Praise" Friday evening that featured several soloists and an awesome performance was given by Hands of Praise, a dramatic sign team from Merced, California. This year, I stepped out on a limb and sang a sassy song instead of the traditional big ballads. The conference was concluded with a brunch on Saturday morning. We laughed, cried, shopped the vendors, stayed up late, wore our feet out, ate too much, then laughed and cried some more. It was a great conference. Because of my duties, I didn't get any pictures. :~( Sorry. You can, however, visit Shirley's blog for more convention news and some photos at


  1. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Jana, thank you for sharing the California Ladies Conference with us. I really wanted to be there this year, but was unable to come. It sounds like it was wonderful!

  3. Sis Allard,
    Your song was great!!!
    Didn't we have a time? It was good to see you.

  4. Wow! Sounds like it was a wonderful conference! I thought about all of you. Wish I could've made it but had lots going on this month. Hopefully next year. Thanks for posting about this. i love to hear about ladies' conference.

  5. Sis. Jana, I LOVED your song! Thanks for letting God use your talent. Love you!

  6. Helen - Yes, we did have a good time. My mom who is nearly 83 years old went and stayed up in the hotel lobby till after midnight every night! We enjoyed visiting with friends we don't see too often.

    Linda - I was so hoping you would get to come. We did get to see your sister in law. Maybe you can come another year.

    Catherine - It was nice visiting with you and, yes, we did have a good time. Thanks for your compliment.

    Karen - I did miss you this year.

    Tena - thanks for your compliment. I was afraid the ladies would be expecting another big ballad and I would disappoint them. LOL I missed seeing you, but glad to know you were able to be there.

  7. Jana,
    Although I couldn't attend, my heart was there. Instead, I had two doctor appointments, a dentist appointment, and a house full of company. Next year I will make sure that I don't schedule anything doing WDLC. So happy it was such a blessing.

  8. Jana, Even though I was sick, I still enjoyed myself and did receive a blessing. Nita was absolutely awesome in her message about the Word. You all did a great job in putting this conference together.
    Love You!

  9. Sis. Allard, My soul is still overflowing with the awesomeness of all the wonderful messages that I heard and the powerful songs that were sung. All I can say is WOW!!! God is soooooo GOOD! I could go on and on and on and never really express the wonder of it all that I received from the Ladies Conference. I am just thankful that I was able to attend. I will glean from this for a long long time.

  10. Sis. Allard,
    Thanks for your post on Ladies Conference. I was so sad to miss out this year. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Hopefully next year will be just as exciting.

  11. Karen - maybe you can make next year's conf. :~)

    Ronda - I hope you are feeling much better. Nita was so awesome. I am going to miss her terribly. She is one of the most godly women I know.

    Jolene - I am so glad you got to attend the conf. and spend time with your sister.

    Monica - we would love to have you join us next year.