Friday, August 8, 2008

As Our World Turns

My apologies for taking so long to give an update concerning all the drama we have had. :) We left the camp at 6:00 AM Tuesday morning and headed to get a new X-Ray and then on to the surgeon's office. Upon reviewing the new X-Ray, he determined there was not a third break (thanks to your prayers). Then, he told us we needed to go to the hospital and register for surgery the next day. We hurried to the hospital, where they drew blood and went through Blake's health history, to prepare for the procedure. Blake was disappointed but handled this unexpected news quite well. We made the 2 1/2 hour drive back to camp, I sang that night, and then we left at 3:00 AM to return to the hospital for the scheduled surgery at 7:30 AM. Blake seemed scared and tears were in his eyes until the anesthesiologist calmed him. When the wheeled him in to the operating room he smiled. About 45 minutes later, the doctor came and told us everything went well and gave us some new X-Rays to see. Blake now has a glow-in-the-dark cast that extends above his elbow. He had some swelling and pain Wednesday night but that was better Thursday morning. He is learning how to button his pants with one hand and pull on his socks. All in all, he is doing better than expected. I have not had the time to download my pictures, but will hopefully do so in the next couple days. Thank you so much for your prayers. I know they have been working.
P.S. WAY Choir and freeWAY sang last night and they were outstanding. The camp meeting has been fabulous.


  1. It was good to see ya'll earlier in the week. Was very thankful to 'hear' the good news when I got the TM on the way home.

  2. You've been quite busy! I have been praying for Blake. In fact one day I posted a prayer request for Blake and a couple of other boys. Several of our Pentecostal boys have had 'drama' with their health of late. I'm glad he is doing well.

  3. Jana, I am so glad you posted. Prayers will continue. Continue to have good time at Camp. Love, Helen

  4. As I said last night, please take care of yourself. Blake is young and will bounce back in no time - plus all the young ladies will be drawn to care for him. (He has it made). Yes, the WAY choir was wonderful, and can they ever sing to His glory. What a talented group it is. And I agree, camp meeting is great.

  5. Jana, I'm so happy to know Blake is doing better! I've also been reading some posts about your Camp Meeting and it sounds like it has been wonderful. I can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. Glad to hear Blake is doing well. And glad you had a good time at camp!

  7. I am so sorry to hear that you had to spend so much time running back and forth between BK and Camp Meeting but Praise God He kept his hand upon you during your travels and kept all of you safe.

    I am glad to hear that Blake is doing better in spite of the fact that he did have to have surgery after all. He is a trooper.

    You guys must have stirred up a hornet's nest over there at Camp Meeting. Sounds like the devil was really out to get everyone this year with all the drama going on. I sure hope ya'll stomped the day lights out of him and showed him just whose children you are. I know Sis Buxton posted on how awesome the WAY Choir was. I know that must have made your heart leap with pride when these young people were used of God in such a way like this.

    We had great services here at home. Bro Robert did great on Wednesday night and it was a great message. Then Sunday Morning, Bro Ojeda was really annointed and we had several in the altar. It was Awesome! Then Bro Sontos did an outstanding job preaching last night. Sure did miss having you, pastor and the family here but God was still with us. Love you and can't wait till you get back home. ;-)

  8. Mark - likewise. Hopefully, we can get Brian and Debbie to get some time off so we can all get together.

    Tracie - thanks for your prayers. I'm glad Timo is better, too.

    Helen, Karen, Linda, Sonia - thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts.

    Jolene - Glad all is well at home while we are gone.