Friday, August 22, 2008

More Pictures from Camp

Eating at Applesbee's.
Bryn put the coasters behind her ears and turned into an alien.
Then, she turned Daddy into an alien.

Part of the Camp Meeting crowd.

Hugging Grandma Wilson at Applebee's.

Blake with his famous broken arm.
To summarize camp...
It is a place to meet friends, enjoy beautiful weather, relax, there is something for every age, excellent preaching, inspirational teaching, anointed choirs, soloists, musicians, lots of laughter, and enthusiasm. Everyone should leave feeling spiritually refreshed and desiring to share God's love.


  1. Great pics! I hope Blake's arm is better.

  2. Jana, it was good to you, Brian and the fam over there. I was just asking Deb earlier if she had heard from you, we all need to hook up soon.

  3. Tracie - Blake's arm is better and he was able to get a shorter cast. That has made life much easier for him.

    Mark - We need to hook up a date. BTW, are you going to the SoCal men's conf? freeWAY will be singing there. If you are planning to go, maybe Debbie and I could meet up.

  4. Loved the pictures. You have such a wonderful family. Love you all.

  5. Looks like such a blast! I like campmeeting, the weather is always so nice. (Kinda difficult if you're staying in a tent though, that's not the fun part)
    Tell your family I said hello and I miss them!!!!!!!

  6. There are lots of times when I'm right up there in Bryn's age group! Looks like Daddy is young at heart too! And I know Mommy is! Love you.

  7. Karen - Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Janelle - this camp and sr. camp was the best ever. We had such a great time. We were so disappointed to miss your wedding but we heard it was gorgeous. Congratulations!

    Catherine - let's stay young forever, ok? :)