Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The New Cast

Blake is now sporting a shorter cast. Like the first one, this cast glows in the dark and looks as green as his shirt after the lights go out in a dark room. The first one, was above the elbow and just past his knuckles with his hand curved downwards. The shorter cast allows him to move his elbow and fingers. He still can't write because of the way his hand is curved, but he is much more comfortable. When we got in the truck after getting the new cast, I snapped a picture with my cell phone. Being bored, I played with the effects and turned the picture into a cartoon caricature.


  1. Poor Blake! Hopefully he will not be casted much longer. Tell him he makes a cute 'lil caricature!

  2. This cast looks a lot more comfortable than the first - and with school starting, that's a good thing. His first cast made me hurt to just look at him lugging it around, and the angle his hand had to been in was horrible. Tell him I wish him well and quick recovery. PS: Loved your pic experiment.

  3. Tracie - I will pass your message on to him.Karen - actually, school started August 4 so Blake started school late.  (They miss the first two weeks of school every year because of camp.)  Blake is now in junior high and his teachers are great.  He tells us the answers and we write for him.  His hand is still curved downward but he is doing much better with this short cast.  He is even doing his own baths now.  We will get new X-Rays in a couple weeks and then possibly know how soon the cast will be off and therapy started.

  4. Blake;
    Hope and pray that all hears correct.


    Yes, the new cast dose look a lot more comfortable.

  5. Sis Allard - poor Blake. Looks like that could be annoying after awhile. And it's hard to believe he's in middle school!!! WOW! However, glad to hear things are better with a shorter cast!