Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The original intent of my blog was a place where I could write devotions, share happenings in my life, brag on my kids, etc. I never imagined what a powerful tool a blog could be when I was in need of prayer. With just a few moments of typing, I can solicit prayers from around the world. Now we all know that God does not need multiple prayers to touch someone, and at the mere mention of His name miracles happen. So why do we ask one another to pray for the same situation? I am sure we can all offer an answer, but I think there is something about uniting our prayers that causes our faith to rise. If you wish to offer your thoughts, I would enjoy hearing them.

Anyway, all of this came to my mind tonight when I decided to post a prayer request for Jolene, our fellow blogger. She had surgery yesterday, it was successful, and now she needs a speedy recovery.


  1. Your post is so true. I am thankful for this tool to share in prayer for others.

  2. I think you're definitely right when you say that it raises our faith. I know that when I'm in need and there are others praying with me it makes me feel more positive about the situation. Plus there's that verse "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name..."

  3. Blogging has definitely been a way to have others join in prayer. Our family has benefited much from it. I am always willing to help pray for others regardless if I know the person or the need.

  4. I'll definitely be praying for Jolene. Please tell her I send my love.

  5. Please tell Jolene that I will be praying for her too. She is such a sweet lady.

  6. Uniting in prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do. God hears the "fervent prayer of the righteous."

    Remember when I asked you to pray for my friend Alice? Well, here's what she's written in a comment on her blog:

    "Dear Helen,
    Prayers have wings. I am strengthened. It is not yet my time to go. There must be many more voices pushing back against
    the dark propaganda targeting this fledgling administration. It is some of the most viscious misleading I have ever seen.
    I wrote this particular blog after I had a dream about what was going on. When it comes to something so serious, I hear,
    then I write. I never presume nor do I speak out before I have been shown the “big picture” by the Lord. It has taken many
    years for Him to train me to hear and obey. Thank you for all of your prayers and loving concern.
    Love, Alice"

  7. Karen - yes, prayer is a tool. I think it can be a weapon, too.

    Janell - more positive or increases faith, huh?

    Tracie - and you certainly know the benefit of reaching around the world in prayer. I think it is good for us to have enough compassion to pray for those we don't know. In the famous words of former President Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain." We should feel the pain of others.

    Sis. Buxton & Carol - thank you for praying for Jolene.

    Helen - I think understanding "fervent" prayers is key to effective prayer. I also like the way your friend Alice said, "Prayers ahve wings." What a great response you received from her. I am glad she is doing so much better. We do serve an awesome God.