Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Past Weekend

The death of Gunther also affected Sparkles. She went outside Friday night and could not find Gunther. Her and Gunther had their own "conversations" each time Sparkles went outside. This night, Sparkles came back into the house looking sad and she went straight to Bryce and started licking his face. It seemed as if she understoond his grief and wanted to comfort him. Pets are amazing. After what seemed like a long week-end, Sunday came with blessings of wonderful services which included miraculous healings, people being saved, and a baptism. Then, Monday arrived and pushed us into more work.

This year, I have been assigned the job of master coordinator for the Western District Ladies Conference. This conference is quickly approaching (March 12-14) and I have much work to complete. Please be patient if I am not posting as frequently. Hopefully, I will soon return to my usual schedule. If you have not visited our website, please feel free to peruse at www.wdladiesministries.com.


  1. Sis Allard, So sorry about your family pet. Only true dog lover's can understand your loss. We too have lost precious pets and it takes a while to get over it. Then it is hard to watch another pet that has been raised together , after one of them die. Love you folks sis keyes

  2. Awww, love you guys so much! I have had to put a few dogs down in my lifetime, and it's too bad we outlive our pets, you know? It's really hard.
    Please tell Bryce I'm sorry, and hopefully Sparkles will be ok soon too.
    Pets are so sweet, and it's hard when they pass away. Maybe after a while, you guys could get another one, like a huge parrot or something? =) Might be a tad crazy, but they live as long as we do, I've heard.