Friday, February 20, 2009


Darin & his darling wife, Duana

If you revisit my friend Darin's blog about his new iLimb, please have a box of Kleenex before you view the fourth video of Day #3. "Walk With My Girls." (See below post for link to his blog.)


  1. My heart rejoiced (and cried) watching "Walk With My Girls". We take for granted so much in life. What a beautiful spirit the Sargents have, and to share these special moments is priceless.

  2. Sis. Hopper - I warned you about needing Kleenex! :) If that video didn't bring tears to a person's eyes, they must be dead! What an incredible journey the Sargents are on and it is so generous of them to share it with all of us. The whole family is just great. You know, it was Darin's dad that was in charge of setting up the Camp Meeting tent for several years and Brian loved working with him. He made the job fun.

    P.S. Darin, if you drop by to read these comments, let it be known we are expecting you to show up at Western District Camp Meeting this year so you can tell us a million stories about your new arm and show off. Guess that means two Camp Meetings for you this year. :)