Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Before And After

At the end of the day on Easter, Bryn had jumped and played so much she looked a mess. Knowing how cute she had looked that morning at church, my friend Viviana suggested "before and after" pictures. Fresh faced or smeared with dirt, she is still my cute princess. I love this girl!

Before Sunday morning service
After hours in the bounce house


  1. Hi Jana, Bryn looks sweet both ways. Glad you all had such a good time, after being sick.

  2. She is adorable, her hair always blows me away, it's beautiful!

  3. Oh well, she is so cute either way! I am partial to redheads, you know. LOL

  4. Helen - thank you for the compliment. Bryn is a sweet girl. It was nice to have some pleasure for the kids before spring break ended. I haven't been so sick since I lived in Africa 28 years ago. Thankfully, all is better.

    Jen - thank you. Bryn's hair is a big challenge but gorgeous. Wish I knew how to do girl's hair better. :)