Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Public Thank You To My Pastor

Looking over the sea with Blake
Being a sweet daddy
Dedicating an infant to God
Visiting a sick child in hospital
Reading the Christmas Story to the Sunday School Children

Today is one that is usually full of pranks and jokes as people take advantage of "April Fool's Day," but I want to leave the silly fun behind and offer a serious thanks to my husband; my pastor. This day, is the 15th Pastoral Anniversary for Brian as senior pastor of Apostolic Gospel Church of Delano. It was 27 years ago (February 1982), when Brian joined the staff as pastor's assistant. Brian gave unselfishly as a servant to this church. It was April 1, 1994, when Brian assumed the position of senior pastor. The path has not always been easy and there have been many challenges. Regardless, Brian has faithfully brought The Word to growing saints, tutored children struggling in school, prayed for the sick to recover, officiated many weddings, occasionally sings, given to the poor, counseled wounded hearts, established a kid-friendly office, and performed funerals of loved ones gone. In addition, he serves as a chaplain for the Kern County Sheriff, substitute teaches for the public elementary schools, and serves the Western District of the UPC in any needed capacity. Now, I am sure you are wondering when he takes time to breathe and I still need to tell you more. He is a fantastic dad to Bryce, Blake, and Bryn. Whether discussing university studies with Bryce, helping Blake with geometry, drilling Bryn in spelling or taking time to play games, he is always there for his kids. This September, Brian and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage and I feel he loves me with the same passion and spark of the first kiss. I know I am a spoiled woman and very lucky in love. Brian is my husband, best friend, confidant, and the love of my life. My bragging could continue for many pages but I must conclude with a heart felt thank you to Brian for being my pastor.

Brian, thank you for all of the things you do but most of all, thank you for being my pastor and guiding me in the ways of God. I love you more than Godiva chocolate, more than a good night's sleep, more than ice cream, more than homemade ginger sauce and chicken, more than...................anything.


  1. Congratulations to BOTH of you! No one knows like the pastor's wife the sacrifices, labor, and love a pastor has for his congregation. May you enjoy revival in a deeper dimension as a reward to your labor.

  2. Jana, What a sweet way to thank him. A public thank you. I'm sure he knows many of the ways in which you make life easier and happier for him, also.

  3. Jana, great post honoring a great guy.

  4. Jana, I have had the privilege of knowing both your husband and his father more years that I wish to recall. May the anointing of our God remain upon your husband’s life and ministry which is his life.


  5. WOW, I am happy for you all, Happy Pastoral Anniversary to my PASTOR too, even though I don't attend Delano on a regular basis, (it would be hard to drive it every church service from arizona) I want you to know, I love you both, and all that you are in my life, you are and will always be my pastor, and my friend, I know that I can call you at any time and you are available, I love you, Cheri

  6. That is such a nice, neat, sweet post! I'm sure that he could write an equally compelling thank you for all of the things that you do for the family and the work of God as well. What day is your anniversary? 30 years ~ that's awesome! And what a legacy you two are leaving to your children. Blessings to you today and always.

  7. Tracie - you certainly understand my position.

    Helen - thanks for the kind words.

    Mark - I definitely agree with you. Brian IS a great guy.

    Mervi - thanks for the comment.

    Cheri - thanks for your sweet words. I miss you. Please update me about your mom and her progress.

    Rhonda - How nice to hear from you. My wedding anniversary is September 14. The 30 years have flown by and I am at that stage in life where I wish time would slow down. Enjoy your little ones while you can. They will grown and gone before you can blink - or so it seems.

  8. What a wonderful thank you to an awesome man. All of these words are true and heartfelt and I totally agree. Brian is a great friend, pastor and christian. Visiting and preaching at your church has always been accompanied with kind hospitality and friendship. We love being around you guys and Delano church. Congratulations on 15 years of great leadership and may God continue to bless your family, marriage and church.

  9. To My Sweet Love-

    Thank you for the loving and heartfelt thanks. You're gonna make me cry. LOL
    I love you more than words can describe. You have made the last 15 years seems so short because of your strength when I needed it. Wow, it's almost 30 years!! Loving you more now than then semmed almost impossible but it is true--I LOVE YOU MORE NOW THAN EVER.

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your husband, and much deserved I'm sure!!!!

  11. Happy 15th Anniversary! You two area dynamic team. May God continue to bless all of you. There is a great revival in store for Delano.


  12. After reading your post yesterday about your pastor. I thought it would be a great idea to recognize our pastor and wife with a dinner gift certificate from the church. A perfect unexpected surprise and I know they appreciate it. Thanks for your post.

  13. HOLY COW!!!! It's been 15 years already?!!! Time is flying by way to fast. What a wonderful 15 years it has been! The greatest, wildest, most bestest roller coster ride EV-ER!!! LOL! I have thee BEST Pastor and Pastors Wife in the world! Thank you for all your sacrafice and all that you do that goes on behind the scenes. I love you sooooo very, very much!!!!!!


  14. Josh - thanks for you many kind words.

    Brian, my love - please don't cry. You know I will support your every dream and vision. You are my love forever.

    Deb - thanks. I love and miss you!

    Linda - I'm glad I inspired you to show appreciation to your pastor. Most of the time, it is a thank-less job. Let me know how your pastor and wife responds. ;)

    Karry - love you, too.

  15. Trying to catch up with my favorite blogs. Sorry it's late but Congratulations to wonderful examples who I've been so privileged to watch their callings and ministry grow since they were small children. You are such blessings to your church, and to all of us with whom you come in contact. Love you.

  16. Karen - thanks for your kind comments.