Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holiness of Heart

(pictured above is Victoria, my friends Carlton and Shanta's daughter)

Recently, I was talking to fellow blogger, Mark Pryor, and he made the comment, "Holiness of heart." Those words grabbed my attention and sent my mind into much thought. Scripture does state without holiness no man can see God but what aspect of our humanity needs holiness? In my opinion, holiness is necessary in every part of our life but it seems too many forget to have holiness of heart. How can one be critical of a teenager making an effort to love God and forget to give salvation to the teen drug addict? It can only happen because holiness of heart is forgotten. Preach outward holiness all you want but it will be in vain without including holiness of heart.


  1. I'll attach myself to those with "holiness of heart" any day, over ones who only have the outward cloak and within are far from holy. Wonderful post.

  2. Karen - I think we are in agreement. The Pharisees of today really try my spirit.