Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday night, we went to see "The Centurion" at Truth Tabernacle in Fresno, California. The cast of over 100 did an excellent job. They did not allow any photography during the performance but you can see some pictures at this link: My niece Amber attends Truth Tabernacle and she arrived early to save us center seats. Bryn and Blake were just happy to see their cousins Clayton, Brooklyn and Terri Rene.
I have to tell you this cute story. The young man who portrayed Jesus was a former national champion Bible quizzer. During the play, he quoted many portions of scripture. A young boy who is currently a junior Bible quizzer has been studying many passages that were used in the play. The little boy proudly told his mom several of the references. After awhile, the little boy became amazed at all the scriptures "Jesus" was quoting and exclaimed to his mother, "I didn't know Jesus was a Bible quizzer!" Kids! They are too cute!

Sunday morning arrived and our church was full as Bryce lead the congregation in worship which was followed by soloist Kelvin Furgerson. Then, the KIDZ Choir rocked the house. They used 14 kids to compile two lead vocal teams. Sadly, none of my pics turned out of the lead vocalists. They were just awesome! Tabitha Popoy then did dramatic sign to the song, "My Redeemer Lives." Before my husband spoke, I sang "He Forgives And Forgets." As the altars filled with people seeking a closer relationship with God, the children were outdoors hunting Easter eggs. Later in the afternoon, we all returned for a barbecue, games, and fellowship. One thing I know, the rental fee for the two bounce houses were worth every penny. The kids jumped for hours and I think they will all sleep good tonight. What a wonderful day we had celebrating the resurrection of the King.
I want to add a BIG 'thank you" to everyone who donated candy to fill the eggs and another BIG "thank you" to our Sunday School Superintendent Douglas Johnson and his wife Kandas for supplying the Easter eggs and filling them.

KIDZ Choir

Blake and my niece Sara helping place the 100's of Easter eggs.

Part of the toddler class lining up to begin their Easter egg hunt


  1. Easter is such a wonderful time. Looks like yours was filled with wonder and delight. And busy too!

  2. Sis. Hopper, it was beautiful Easter. Hope you had a great day.