Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get Ready

A lot of times I hear this: "as soon as I get my big break (the opening slot before a headlining artist, my record deal, the major booking agent/manager/record guy), then I'll get ready." But my advice is this: "you'll never get that big break unless you are ready!" And even in the rare circumstance where you did get a big break, if your live show isn't ready, you've just blown your opportunity.
Or, as the well-known adage goes,
"Success occurs when Opportunity meets Preparation!"
- Tom Jackson
My question to you is, "Are you ready?"


  1. It is impossible to step into a task in which you have not envisioned yourself. The imagination plays a huge role here. You must think (pretend) you are a [singer, dancer, writer, student, preacher, actor...] before you can be one. You must get the appropriate training. Otherwise, when the door opens, you will run the other way. Be ready, but choose wisely what you are ready for.

  2. Helen - good advice. I think Tom Jackson was writing this from the perspective of one who has already made a choice. Tom is a nationally renowned instructor for artists. He teaches people how to be effective on stage and connecting with an audience. There are many famous entertainers that pay Tom to arrange their "shows" to make them the best. He believes you can have talent but if you don't make a genuine connection to your audience, you will not succeed.

  3. Two comments LUCK = opportunity meets preparation. The best way to find the will of God is to stay busy doing anything in His Kingdom.