Monday, August 27, 2007

Role Model

Children need models rather than critics.- -- Joseph Joubert

This quote really grabbed me. I have heard a few speakers who publicly criticized young people and voiced their "concern" about the church of tomorrow. Such criticism raises my blood pressure and I am immediately angered. If they feel so strongly that the church is in danger, maybe they need to review what kind of example they are giving. Personally, I am more than confident that the future church is in good hands. First, I believe in our young people. Second, the word of God clearly states the church is triumphant. Regardless of critical, negative people, the church will always stand because God's church cannot be destroyed. Can I encourage you to let a young person know you are proud of them? Let your walk with God be a happy, positive one that sets a good example.
P.S. The snapshot is of Jane holding Bryn. Jane has definitely been one of the most influential people in my life and an excellent Christian example. When I was just two years old, she was my Sunday School teacher and she still teaches me life lessons when I need them.


  1. Sis. Allard I agree totally. We are all familiar with the story of the twelve spies Moses sent to spy out the Promised Land. (Numbers Chapters 13 & 14)

    Ten brought a bad report, and only two spies, Joshua and Caleb, brought a good report. We honor the two and we condemn the ten. What did the ten say that was so bad?

    Numbers 13: 27-29 states that it was a land that flowed with milk and honey, that the inhabitants were strong, and there were great walled cities. All of this was accurate information; no lies here.

    The ten did exactly what Moses asked them to do. God punished the ten for their bad report, and punished an entire generation for believing the bad report.
    Verses 30-32 say that the ten brought up an “evil report.”

    They were punished because Victory was promised to them. God had already told them that He was going to give them the land that flowed with milk and honey. So when they came back with a negative report that they could not possess the land, God was angry with them. They showed a lack of faith in God. They did not believe that God was bigger than the eneny and that He could win His own battles let alone lead them into victory.

    That is what negative people who complain and criticize the church of tomorrow are doing. They forget whose church this is and who is sitting on the throne. Have they forgotten what it says in Matthew 16:18, "...Upon this Rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..."

    We do not need to worry about the church of tomorrow for God will have a church no matter what (or should I say who) comes or goes.

    oooops, sorry, didn't mean to get carried away

  2. Jana - I couldn't agree more!! I'm proud of "my" young people and can't wait to see what God has in store for them as they become the leaders.

  3. What a great quote. Immaturity is not a disease. Children are not "guilty" of being young. They and we need older role models. Love, Helen

  4. Jolene - what a great lesson can be learned from your comment. You are so right that people forget it is God's church.

    Karla - at our camp meeting this year, the WAY Choir and the WAY Quartet did such a fabulous job that I told them, "If I had any buttons, they would have already popped off." I feel very secure with the upcoming leadership.

    Helen - I love your line, "Immaturity is not a disease." There are just so many people who forget they were once young. My husband and I love to work with young people and we love to support them in their endeavors, whatever they may be. Actually, I hope I live long enough to see some of the great things these young people will accomplish. My gut feeling is it will be amazing. Also, I wish so much you could meet Jane. I have a feeling you two would hit it off really good.

  5. Amen and Amen! I am watching young people in our church step up to leadership already and it is sooooo exciting to see the hand of the Lord on their life.

  6. Anybody can criticize the upcoming generation. That's easy to do. I think the critics would be happier if they used their energy to be a role model for some young person(s) and make a difference in the life.

    I am proud of my kids and the young people in our church!

  7. Amen!!!!! People for some reason do forget that they too were young once and definatly was not perfect! It so true also that there is always someone watching you and looking up to you. That knowledge kept me strong so many times when I first came back to God and was struggling with things.

  8. Perhaps those who criticize the upcoming generation have not seen any good examples of godly youth. If they were to look around a little harder, I know they are there. I'm proud of our son Jeremy. He is 25 years old and volunteered on his own to teach Sunday school about 3 or 4 years ago. He loves God and enjoys working with the junior high class. Several years ago, he even taught a bible study to a young boy at our church. He's currently teaching a young man who goes to our church that just found his way back to God last year. What a good influence he has been. I thank God for my son and others like him that are paving the way for future generations.

  9. Ronda - it truly is exciting to see the young people take over and do such a great job.

    Carol - you are so so so right. Critical people are usually not giving people. If they would expend their energy to mentoring, they would be happier.

  10. Deon - I hope I never forget I was once young and sometimes stupid.

    Karen - you have every right to be proud of Jeremy. What a wonderful, young man. If people would open their eyes, they would find many more young people like Jeremy, Bryce, and so many others we know.